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Sequin Pictures - Fairies

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ABOUT THIS KIT – All children love being creative if they are given the chance. This toykraft seq... Read More

Product Description

ABOUT THIS KIT – All children love being creative if they are given the chance. This toykraft sequin art kit will enable them to make sequin pictures. This do it yourself activity leaves out all the ‘messy’ creative activities for the child of this early age group, thereby they develop a love of the creative process involved in making the wonderful pictures come alive.
WHAT DO WE MAKE? - Children can make 2 large sequin art pictures of fairies using coloured sequin on the pre-gummed templates provided in this kit. They can match the colours of the sequins on the design provided to complete the pictures.
WHAT’s IN THIS KIT? – This Toykraft Art and craft kit contain two large pre-gummed cutout templates of fish. Also provided are large sequins in 5 colours. A spatula is also included which helps in transferring the sequins to the templates and for firmer fixation.
WHAT DO THEY LEARN?– These simple craft activities are great in developing the child’s concentration and patience. While pursuing this activity, the child of this young age develops fine motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination. There is also a great deal of problem solving and concentration which happens as the child learns to take what is in their head and put it onto paper. The child gets involved completely in this very absorbing play activity.
IDEAL PRESENT- The kit provides hours of relaxation and fun. Children can take pride of hanging the pictures on any wall for family and friends to admire.

Brand ToyKraft
Age Range (Description) Kid
Colour Multicolor
Item Dimensions LxWxH 22 x 29 x 16 Centimeters
Material Paper
Number of Puzzle Pieces 1


Sequin Pictures - Fairies

39595-Sequin Pictures - Fairies

Fairies can sparkle with coloured sequins ........... When they are stuck in the right sequence

This activity kit uses large coloured sequins and pre-gummed picture templates to create two sparkling pictures of FAIRIES. The design motifs are done on stiff card paper. All that the child has to do is to stick the appropriate coloured sequins on the picture area to the match the colour on the picture.

This form of art has permanence and the child can proudly display the dazzling pictures.

Sequin picture-Fairies uses coloured sequins and glue for creating 2 vivid pictures of Fairies. The sequin pictures are done on stiff card paper, have been specially selected with children in mind. 7 large coloured sequins to bind the sequins on the picture. The sequin art pictures can be preserved, presented or displayed. The Sequins are picked up and stuck to the pre-gummed templates with a plastic spatula.

Sequin Art pictures are quite easy to do, unlike painting. Moreover, they are non-messy art and craft activity.

Materials provided in this art and craft kit

39595-Sequin Pictures - Fairies

Contents and technique

Pre-gummed template pictures: 2

Large sequins: 6 assorted colours

Spatula: 1

Instruction manual

You can make 2 Sequin art pictures of different Fairies in their matching backdrops using coloured sequins.

The multiple pre-gummed layers for each picture are peeled out carefully - one at a time to reveal colour underneath. Sequins of matching colour are stuck on the exposed area and pressed for a firm fixation with the help of a spatula. This procedure is repeated over other layers to finally complete the Sequin picture.

This will gyrate the child's interest to complete the other Fairies template.

Two sequined fairies

39595-Sequin Pictures - Fairies 3

Two Fairies picture cut-outs are stuck with matching coloured sequins

2 sparkling Sequin art pictures of different Fairies

The sparkling pictures look so terrific that they can be framed as well and displayed. This will also ensure that the sequins stay put.

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