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Shunting The Nation

Release date: 5 August 2023
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The period 19391949 was the most turbulent decade in modern Indian history—it saw the tumult of t... Read More

Product Description

The period 19391949 was the most turbulent decade in modern Indian history—it saw the tumult of the Second World War, the unrest during the Quit India movement and the final phase of the freedom struggle, and the horrors of Partition. While most studies of this time focus chiefly on the defining contributions of the Indian nationalist leaders and the role played by the British, it is also important to record the efforts of millions of others in meeting the enormous challenges of the period. Shunting the Nation records the contribution of the workers—men, women and children—who ensured the smooth functioning of the railwaybased travel and communication system in the Subcontinent, even as regimes changed, new borders were drawn and everything seemed to be falling apart.

During perhaps the most demanding time in the history of any railway workforce, these workers navigated overcrowded trains, food shortage, famine, disruption of coal supplies, communal riots and an administration close to collapse, in order to ensure humanitarian relief, swift movement of troops and weapons, and transport of over three million refugees. Equally remarkable was the workers’ successful negotiation of the contrary demands of their employment—by the British—and their nationalist, proindependence sentiments; as was the classbased solidarity of their unions which triumphed over barbaric sectarian divisions. Drawing on memoirs, newspaper reports and government documents, Aniruddha Bose’s passionate narration of railway history brings to light the inspiring and valuable role played by these unsung heroes in the modern histories of India and Pakistan.


Product Details

Title: Shunting The Nation
Author: Aniruddha Bose
Publisher: Speaking Tiger
SKU: BK0478920
EAN: 9789354475290
Number Of Pages: 248
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Country Of Origin: India
Release date: 5 August 2023

About Author

Aniruddha Bose is an Associate Professor of History at Saint Francis University, Pennsylvania, USA. He is the author of Class Conflict and Modernization in India: The Raj and the Calcutta Waterfront (18601910) (Routledge, 2018). Originally from Calcutta and Mumbai, Aniruddha currently lives in the United States. With family links in the Indian railways, he strongly believes in writing histories of ordinary people who, working together, can change the world.

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