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Sinbad and the Trumpet of Israfil

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Kevin Missal is the author of the national bestselling Kalki trilogy. He has also written the Nar... Read More

Product Description

Kevin Missal is the author of the national bestselling Kalki trilogy. He has also written the Narasimha trilogy and Raavanputr Meghnad, along with establishing his own marketing agency called HubHawks that caters to authors. He immensely enjoys the look on people's faces when they find out that he's done all of this at the tender age of twenty-four. That too without an MBA. Kevin resides in Gurugram in a library that he lovingly calls 'my room'. When he's not reading or writing, he loves to interact with his readers on his social media handles (Instagram: kevin_9695 and Twitter: kevin_missal).

'Kevin Missal has given the age-old Sinbad tale a delightful spin. Beware, this fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping adventure is going to rob you of your sleep'-Anand Neelakantan, author of the bestselling Baahubali series and Asura: Tale of the Vanquished

# A fantastic reimagination of the Classic tale of Sinbad the Sailor from the Arabian Nights
# A must-have for all Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure, and Romance readers
# For the fans of Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare, Eoin Colfer, Sarah J. Mass, George R. R. Martin, and Neil Gaiman
# Perfect for those who like stories involving prophecies, gods, demi-gods, Armageddon, friendship, and love
# Written by the bestselling mythology fiction writer Kevin Missal


Before I came to be known as the greatest sailor in the world, I was a young monster hunter who fell in love.

As all legendary love stories go, things were . . . well, not smooth sailing. And of course, there was the problem of the Armageddon.

So I set sail across the seven seas to hoodwink a Greek god, crash a vampire wedding, mollycoddle a giant and face the Angel of Death.

And as the hourglass turned, I had:
Seven days to save the world.
Seven days to kill the only girl I have ever loved.

Bestselling author Kevin Missal pens this thrilling reimagination of Sinbad--the fabled sailor from the classic One Thousand and One Nights--who encounters fearsome mythological monsters!

Kevin Missal has given the age-old Sinbad tale a delightful spin. Beware, this fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping adventure is going to rob you of your sleep

Sinbad and the Trumpet of Israfil is the name of his latest book and it surely is a page-turner, take it from us.

I wanted to try something more universal: Author Kevin Missal on retelling the Sinbad story and his foray into EdTech
Sinbad and the Trumpet of Israfil is the name of his latest book and it surely is a page-turner, take it from us. The young writer tells us all about what else can we look forward to from his side

We are ever-so-slightly miffed with Kevin Missal and we tell him that right away. The writer has been revelling in the genre of Indian mythology and regaling us with one series after another like Dharmayoddha Kalki and Satyayoddha Kalki. And when we heard he's moving on to global fantasy fiction with Sinbad and the Trumpet of Israfil, we just had to ask why! The answer was obvious - global domination, of course. To be honest, he did not choose those precise words, but that's the intention for sure. "I wanted to try something universal, something a lot more global. And there is a character in there that went to India," says the 24-year-old with delight!
Yup, he's got global domination right in his sights.

Sinbad is surely as universal as it gets. You'd be loath to find anyone who hasn't ever heard of the heroic sailor who sailed choppy waters and slayed mighty monsters. And from the two to three years of research that the Delhite poured into this book, he was able to lend a bit of gray to the character. "Like Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series," he says with a smirk. He also informs us that the original story of Sinbad could get real dark, he murders his own wife, after all. Gasp!

Apart from reading books like the Arabian Nights and doing an analysis of Middle Eastern heroes, his degree in History from St Stephen's College came in handy too. And it was only when he was on his fourth draft that he decided, 'This is it' and handed it over to Penguin.

After a hat-tip to American author Rick Riordan, the story opens with a flashback where we see a younger and tamer Sinbad and then fast forwards to four years. The book goes back and forth this way, juxtaposing Sinbad's past and present. The short crisp chapters keep egging us on to read just another page. You'll find that the book is quite the cliffhanger.

Another thing to note about this writer is that he is very social media savvy and enjoys engaging with his followers. "I take it all in good humour, to be frank. We all have our own prejudices and we should learn how to accept the opinion of others and if you can't, just ignore," he says matter-of-factly. So if you're following him and next time, you see him replying to comments heartily, don't be surprised.

Though Kevin wrote his first book at the age of 14, which was released by none other than the then Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit, he also has his own marketing agency HubHawks. And soon, he is going to have an EdTEch firm to his credit titled Hub of Edu. Before you start rolling your eyes, let us tell you that instead of populating it with several courses, this one is going to be solely about the art of writing. "It would be a school of writing, something that hasn't been done," says the author.

Writing mythology comes with its own pros and cons, but Kevin loves a good challenge and that's why he is keeping at it. His next book is going to be about Karan from the Mahabharata and will be out in June. Needless to say a lot of research was involved. "I went back to the Iron Age in India to get the details right," he informs. A different version of the Vikram-Betal stories are also in the work.
So overall, lots to look forward to from Kevin!

This is a different story from the author of the famous Kalki trilogy. Sindbad is one of the stories from 1001 Arabian Nights. I loved reading this retelling. The world development and the fantasy elements were fantastic. There were Monsters, Giants, Gods and Goddesses from greek mythology and what not. The story is fast paced. All the characters were lovable. Especially Kevin's way of building strong and independent female characters is my favorite part in all his books.

To start with, I must say the cover is irresistible which made me pick up the book.
The story moves between past and the present and this makes it more exciting to read as to what will happen next.
The unexpected turns and twists, intriguing characters, non stop action packed scenes, adventurous escapades all of this will keep you on the edge of your seat. The author has a way with the words which makes it more gripping altogether.
A good book that totally envelops you in its world. I am eagerly waiting for the next part.

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Title: Sinbad and the Trumpet of Israfil
Author: Kevin Missal
SKU: BK0426255
EAN: 9780143449676
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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