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Sport Sipper Stainless Steel Bottle - Love to the moon-MF-RB-05302

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Rabitat Sport Sipper Stainless Steel Bottle One of the most extraordinary bottles available in br... Read More

Product Description

Rabitat Sport Sipper Stainless Steel Bottle

One of the most extraordinary bottles available in brilliant colours featuring cute jungle characters curated by the Rabitat Sipper Sports Stainless Steel Bottle -Love you to the moon and back, the bottle is ideal for quick sips to hydrate the kids who love to play sports. The semi-circle cap opens with ease, so the bottle stays spill-free. Also included under the lid is a soft, flexible food quality silicone spout that is used to keep things smooth, clean, and germ-free for young ones. The open design makes cleaning very easy.

 Plus, it has a silicone handle and strap, so you can easily carry it in your pocket. The bottle is made of stainless steel, so it will not rust. The silicone tip is soft, flexible, and comfortable on your gums. It has a one-click open leak-proof cap that protects against dirt and bacteria. Our sports shippers are compact and easy to carry. Adopts a silicon grip that is easy to grip even for those with small hands. The material of the strap makes it easier to hold the bottle and also makes it portable. It has cartoon characters in the form of stickers. White stainless steel and aluminium water bottle with complete sublimation decoration is the best gift suggestion for your family on various festive occasions.

  • No Slip Grip. The bottle features a silicone sleeve which makes it easy to grip the bottle. Your Childs little hands will have no problem gripping this one.
  • Rabitat Steel Play sipper is made of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. It's completely safes your little munchkin- BPA Free, 100% Safe, Unbreakable, Reusable, No sharp edges and is Eco-friendly.
  • The Steel Play bottle is completely spill proof. You don’t need to worry about the little spills.
  • The Steel Play bottle features a one touch open button that is very easy to handle for the little hands.
Brand rabitat
Material Stainless Steel, Silicone
Colour Love you to the Moon
Special Feature Straw
Age Range (Description) Kid


Product Description

Steel Play Header

Flexible Straw

Flexible Silicone Straw

The Steel Play water bottle for kids, has a soft flexible silicone spout. It makes it easy for the kids to drink from bottle. It also makes it very easy to clean the bottle. The straw is designed to keep the little ones free of the mishaps.

Wide Mouth Steel Play

Wide Opening

The Steel Play bottle is designed with a wide opening. It helps parents infuse the water with all kinds of nutrients, and even pop in some ice cubes if wanted.

The wide opening also makes it really easy to wash the bottle, which we all know is one of the major concerns for parents. The Steel Play stainless steel bottle for kids is really easy to wash and makes the job of a parent really easy.

One touch open

One touch open

The Steel Play bottle has an easy one touch open function. It has an ergonomic button right in the front for the lid to open, and the kids have a lot of fun with it. It's very easy to operate and enables one handed drinking for your kids.

With one touch of the button, the lid pops open and the silicone straw is accessed by the child. A very natural and easy function.

Silicone Band

Comes with a beautiful Silicone Band in all designs

The Steel Play stainless steel bottle comes with a cute and attractive silicone sleeve for easy grip. The silicone sleeve makes it easy to grip as it is a non slip surface.

The silicone sleeve also helps in holding the bottle if the bottle has cold or hot beverage inside. It helps in controlling the temperature of the bottle.

Silicone easy carry band

Simple yet innovative Silicone Handle

The Silicone handle makes it very easy to carry the bottle around. You can use the handle to attach it to a bag or a stroller. Or just twist it around your fingers to make sure it doesn't fall.

The silicone handle is made of strong and sturdy silicone making it resilient to strong pulls.

Rabitat brand

About Rabitat

The Philosophy

At Rabitat, Little Things Matter at all times. Little things could be features or tiny live-beings that aren’t visible but make significant differences with their presence or absence. A flaw can make your sweet pie sad, and you go bananas! We got our eyes set on preventing these 'little' bad guys from troubling you. For us, Your Little Ones matter the most.

The Ambition

We intend to provide more than what you pay for and make your parenting life easier and better. Rabitat products are designed intelligently to cater comfort, warmth, and fun to your munchkins so that they enjoy every moment of growing up. And as for the parents, we aim to give the best parenting experience with our products.

The Tribe

We are a team of empathetic, dedicated, creative, and hardworking professionals who love children and have an eye for their needs that results in focussing on #LittleThings That Matter. While creating a product, our tribe looks from a parent’s perspective, put in lots of love and care as your little ones deserve.

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