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Stone Cold

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The page-turner of the seasonBaldacci is still peerlessOne of the world's biggest-selling thrille... Read More

Product Description

The page-turner of the seasonBaldacci is still peerlessOne of the world's biggest-selling thriller writers, Baldacci needs no introduction . . . Brilliant plotting, heart-grabbing action and characters to die forA deadly new opponent draws the Camel Club into their toughest battle to date. The price of defeat? The death of Oliver Stone.

Stone Cold by David Baldacci is the third exhilarating thriller in the bestselling Camel Club series.

Oliver Stone and the Camel Club are back.

Set on exposing the real story behind the closed doors of America‰۪s leaders, they draw upon their vast experience to seek justice and the truth.

Now they must face their most dangerous adventure yet ‰ÛÒ a war on two fronts.

Casino king Jerry Bagger is hunting Annabelle Conroy, the elite con-artist who cheated him out of millions. Stone and his colleagues must draw on all their resources if they are to protect Annabelle from a terrible fate.

Yet all their skills may not be enough when a deadly new opponent rips off the veneer of Stone‰۪s own mysterious past. An unstoppable killer intent on one goal: the death of Oliver Stone.

Stone Cold is followed by Divine Justice and Hell's Corner.

David Baldacci is a worldwide bestselling novelist of titles such as The Fix, No Man's Land and End Game. With over 130 million copies in print, his books are published in over eighty territories and forty-five languages, and have been adapted for both feature-film and television. He has established links to government sources, giving his books added authenticity. David is also the co-founder, along with his wife, of the Wish You Well Foundationå¨, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting literacy efforts across the US.

Trust him to take you to the action.

David Baldacci‰۪s bestselling series of thriller novels featuring the Camel Club ‰ÛÒ four unlikely partners who seek the truth, an often elusive goal in their hometown of Washington D.C. ‰ÛÒ begins with The Camel Club. Made up of an assortment of ex-intelligence operatives, army veterans and political experts, Oliver Stone, Reuben Rhodes, Caleb Shaw, and Milton Farb are four unforgettable characters who unite to investigate government conspiracies. In their quest to unearth corruption they are assisted by an unusual array of friends ‰ÛÒ Secret Service agent Alex Ford, homeless activist Adelphia, and con-artist extraordinaire Annabelle Conroy.

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