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Super Sons Vol. 1: When I Grow Up (Rebirth)

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Superboy and Robin, the sons of Superman and Batman, take center stage as a reluctant super-team ... Read More

Product Description

Superboy and Robin, the sons of Superman and Batman, take center stage as a reluctant super-team in an all-new series bursting out of the DC Universe Rebirth event!
When Robin (Damian Wayne) discovers a connection between a series of mysterious crimes and the aftermath of the bizarre and deadly Amazo Virus, he needs Superboy (Jonathan Kent) to aid in the investigation. But when the duo learn that the teenage Kid Amazo has plans that put the entire Justice League in danger, they need help from an unlikely source: Lex Luthor!
Even if the odd couple of young heroes survive Luthor’s assistance, they’ll have to face a possibly greater threat: the combined forces of Robin’s tutor, Alfred Pennyworth, and Superboy’s mother, Lois Lane!
Acclaimed writer Peter J. Tomasi (Superman) and superstar artist Jorge Jimenez (Earth 2: Society) launch an explosive new generation of adventure in Super Sons Vol. 1, collecting issues #1-5 of the popular series.“Readers looking for a thrilling all-ages titles should definitely check out Super Sons.” —A.V. Club
“Everything about Super Sons is a treat… a true showcase for just how much fun a superhero comic book can be. Big, bold, and hilarious, Super Sons is consistently fantastic.”Nerdist
“Retains much of the charm that makes Superman such a joy to read, but with the added fun of the Damian/Jon dynamic to spice things up.“IGN

“DC’s Rebirth has been built on hope and optimism and nowhere is that more evident than in titles like Super Sons.” Newsarama

Super Sons has the makings of an unbridled and fun comic without forsaking the core of the cape genre.” —Comicosity

 Peter J. Tomasi is a New York Times best-selling author known for his current work on Superman and previous projects Batman and Robin, Superman/Wonder Woman, Batman: Detective Comics, and Batman Arkham Knight, along with other commercially successful books, Green Lantern CoprsBrightest Day, Emerald Warriors, and Nightwing. Over the course of his career with DC Comics—more than two decades of hit books—Peter served as a group editor ushering in new eras for Batman, Green Lantern, and JSA along with special projects like Kingdom Come. Peter also is the author of the creator owned books Light Brigade (Dark Horse) with artist Peter Snejbjerg, The Mighty (Dark Horse) with Keith Champagne and artists Peter Snejbjerg and Chris Samnee, and the critically acclaimed horror/drama series, House of Penance (Dark Horse) with artist Ian Bertram.

Product Details

Title: Super Sons Vol. 1: When I Grow Up (Rebirth)
Author: Peter J. TomasiJorge Jimenez
SKU: BK0248937
EAN: 9781401274016
Language: English

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