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Martin Nowak is Professor of Biology and Mathematics at Harvard University. Dr Nowak is the recip... Read More

Product Description

Martin Nowak is Professor of Biology and Mathematics at Harvard University. Dr Nowak is the recipient of Oxford's Weldon Memorial Prize, the Albert Wander Prize of the University of Bern, the Akira Okubo Prize of the Society for Mathematical Biology, the Roger E. Murray Prize awarded by the Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance, the David Starr Jordan Prize given jointly by Stanford, Cornell, and Indiana universities, and the Henry Dale Prize of The Royal Institution, London. He has held major research posts and teaching posts at Oxford University, Princeton University and now Harvard University. He has published over 300 papers and has been widely praised for revolutionizing the mathematical approach to biology.

Roger Highfield, PhD, is the Editor of New Scientist magazine and was the Science Editor of the Daily Telegraph for two decades. He has written or coauthored six popular science books, two of which have been bestsellers.

Beyond The Survival of the Fittest: Why Cooperation, not Competition, is the Key to Life

If life is about survival of the fittest, then why would we risk our own life to jump into a river to save a stranger?

Some people argue that issues such as charity, fairness, forgiveness and cooperation are evolutionary loose ends, side issues that are of little consequence. But as Harvard's celebrated evolutionary biologist Martin Nowak explains in this groundbreaking and controversial book, cooperation is central to the four-billion-year-old puzzle of life. Indeed, it is cooperation not competition that is the defining human trait.

A ground-breaking but accessible popular science book about cooperationGroundbreaking . . . SuperCooperators is part autobiography, part textbook, and reads like a best-selling novel.A fantastic journey into the science of cooperation, with important implications for both individuals and society alike.Supercooperators looks beyond The Selfish Gene and invites us to think afresh about evolution. Contrary to the simplistic idea that selfishness is the only strategy for survival, the brilliant Martin Nowak proves that cooperation is also vitally important. This rich and rewarding book teems with new ideas and insights, which co-author Roger Highfield makes wonderfully lucid and entertaining.Martin has a passion for taking informal ideas that people like me find theoretically important and framing them as mathematical models. He allows our intuitions about what leads to what to be put to the test.An absorbing, accessible book about the power of mathematics... Nowak is one of the most exciting modelers working in the field of mathematical biology today.In a sea of bad books about psychology, behaviour and business, Supercooperators stands out for its robust scientific base and cheerful message.

Product Details

Title: SuperCooperators
Author: Martin NowakRoger Highfield
SKU: BK0298473
EAN: 9781847673381
Language: English

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