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Supergirl Vol. 1: The Killers of Krypton

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Spinning out of the epic Man of Steel miniseries, Kara Zor-El learned that her home planet of Kry... Read More

Product Description

Spinning out of the epic Man of Steel miniseries, Kara Zor-El learned that her home planet of Krypton wasn't destroyed by natural was murdered by a bloodthirsty warlord named Rogol Zaar! But when Kara turns up evidence that Zaar wasn't working alone, she's determined to chase the conspiracy wherever it leads--even to the edges of the universe!

Armed with nothing but a Kryptonian space cruiser, Rogol Zaar's mysterious axe and her faithful companion Krypto, Supergirl heads off into the cosmos in search of answers. But there are powerful forces who don't want the truth about Krypton to be discovered, and they're throwing every obstacle they can in Kara's path to impede her investigation.

Now, to bring Krypton's killers to justice, Supergirl will have to face down an entire planet of Green Lanterns...including her friends. Her path will take her from a bar for alien criminals to the middle of a civil war in the Vega system.

And--worst of all--it will take her home. To the ruins of Krypton...and an asteroid field of deadly Kryptonite!

The new creative team of writer Marc Andreyko (Death of Hawkman, Manhunter) and artist Kevin Maguire (Justice League International) blast Kara off on a brand-new mission...and a perfect jumping-on point for fans of the Supergirl TV series on The CW! Collects Supergirl #21-26.Marc Andreyko is a comic book and screenplay writer, known for writing the 2000s ongoing series Manhunter for DC Comics. He co-created (with artist Jesus Saiz) Kate Spencer, the title character of the series, the first female character to carry the long-running legacy. Andreyko co-wrote the graphic novel Torso with Brian Michael Bendis, for which he was nominated for the Angoulême International Comics Festival Prize Awarded by the Audience and the Prize for Scenario (script). He co-created, with P. Craig Russell, an Eisner- and Harvey-winning one-shot for Marvel Comics featuring Dr. Strange entitled What Is It that Disturbs You, Stephen? He has written comics for other publishers, including Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing and Todd McFarlane Productions/Image Comics.

Product Details

Title: Supergirl Vol. 1: The Killers of Krypton
Author: Marc AndreykoKevin MaGuire
SKU: BK0475726
EAN: 9781401289188
Language: English
Reading age : 9-12 Years

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