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Taatung Tatung and Other Amazing Stories of India’s Diverse Languages

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Vaishali Shroff is an award-winning author, script writer, and columnist based in Mumbai. She has... Read More

Product Description

Vaishali Shroff is an award-winning author, script writer, and columnist based in Mumbai. She has published over 200 stories in books and other media across Indian and international publishing houses. She loves writing about unexplored places, untold histories, and unheard voices.

Some of her works include The Adventures of Padma and a Blue Dinosaur, winner of the 2019 Best in Indian Children's Writing (BICW) award, Sita's Chitwan, listed as one of the Top 10 Noteworthy Books of 2021 by TOI, There's a Leopard in My House, winner of the ECA-APER award for the Best Fiction Book for Children, and Batata, Pao and All Things Portuguese, winner of the New Voices in Non-fiction Scholarship offered by SCBWI, US. Her debut short movie as a script writer, Rajasaur, has been screened and has won multiple awards for Best Short Film across film festivals in the US and India.

Shroff loves talking to children over adults, chocolate over anything else, and wants to be a tree in her next life. Follow her @vaishaliwrites on Instagram to know more about her work.

Languages make us human. The ability to communicate and be understood through songs, art,
words, inscriptions, or even gestures is essential because we, as a species, cannot live in isolation.
And each one of these languages has its own journey.

Early humans leaving messages on cave walls; three men on a raft stumbling upon a language they weren't
looking for; a secret language that evolved to hide a people; the world's only undeciphered language that is
4000 years old. The stories in this book take you from the northeastern-most tip of our country to the
forests in central India, from indigenous languages that are thousands of years old to those that
have developed recently.

Engrossing, entertaining, and packed with trivia, this book is for non-fiction lovers and students,
who have a keen interest in all things India!

This well researched and easy-to-read book brings home to readers the tremendous language diversity of India. The delightful narratives in it form for the young readers a fascinating introduction to India's linguistic riches. A much, much needed work.In Taatung Tatung, Vaishali Shroff covers the full spectrum of India's glorious linguistic tradition, from the well-known (the trials of the Bangla Language Movement) to the fascinating and overlooked (the powerful symbolism of Hijra Farsi). This book is an eye-opening examination of a critical aspect of our culture, as well as a warning against allowing languages and their rich legacies to disappear.Amazing and enjoyable ... this is a book on the survival and sustenance of languages forewarning us as to what happens when languages vanish from the face of the earth robbing us of a significant piece in the puzzle of language evolution. The lucid and friendly style that Vaishali Shroff employs will be immensely cherished by children and adults alike.Through Taatung Tatung, Vaishali Shroff takes the reader through the rich linguistic tapestry of India, from the undeciphered language of the Indus Valley Civilization to the tribal languages spoken in some of the remotest corners of the country. The engaging stories bring to life the history and the present of Indian languages. The book is a fascinating journey amongst the what, why and how of the languages that make our nation, towards a future where this diversity must be preserved.A brilliant people's history of the subcontinent using interesting stories of the various intertwined languages spoken here over the centuries . . . A must read.

Product Details

Title: Taatung Tatung and Other Amazing Stories of India’s Diverse Languages
Author: Vaishali Shroff
SKU: BK0472475
EAN: 9780143454663
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

About Author

Vaishali Shroff is an award-winning children's author and columnist based in Mumbai. More than 200 of her stories, both fiction and non-fiction, have been published across various books, readers, magazines, newspapers, and online platforms. Many of her works are about challenging and sensitive yet pertinent subjects and act as icebreakers to initiate difficult conversations. She loves to write research-based books, especially related to the environment. She wrote The Adventures of Padma and a Blue Dinosaur, which is the first book exclusively on India's dinosaur fossil heritage and won the 2019 Best in Indian Children's Writing (BICW) award in the Environment Tales category. Shroff has been invited as a speaker in various literature festivals across the country. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram (@vaishaliwrites) to know more about her work.

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