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The Automobile

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Gautam Sen is an Indian journalist, writer and automotive design consultant and expert. He is als... Read More

Product Description

Gautam Sen is an Indian journalist, writer and automotive design consultant and expert. He is also the Vice President External Relations at Fédération Internationale de Véhicules Anciens FIVA, the international federation for historic vehicles. Sen founded India's first newsstand car magazine Indian Auto in 1986.

What started as a love affair for Indian royalty is now the mainstay of Indian roads. Since Independence, the automobile has played an important role in India's industrial growth, as well as been the hero in many Bollywood movies. It has changed our cities and the way our houses and apartment blocks are configured, as well as transformed the countryside, connecting the remotest corners of our vast nation and providing jobs to millions. It has also empowered women in many parts of the nation, enabling them to attend schools and universities and commute to work and the marketplace. For thousands of Indians, the automobile has been, and remains, an object of pleasure, pride, status, excitement, emotion and passion.

In The Automobile, Gautam Sen has not only traced the history of the automobile in India and the way it has shaped society for over a century but has also delved into the fascination Indians have for all matters automotive, such as motor racing, bikes, road movies and historical vehicle shows.

A riveting story told in the most fascinating anecdotal tone, this book is filled with well-researched facts and beautiful pictures for lovers of automobiles.

The book is an important addition to our knowledge of Indian automotive history.An enjoyable, informative, fun book, a delight to read.The book is dotted with fascinating nuggets of history.The Automobile reveals the depth of our automotive obsession.

'It is so good to see a book which covers all aspects of the automobile sector in
India, and it does so with such splendour and flourish. My favourite part was the
bit about the bikernis!'

'What a wonderful journey. Gautam has found a way to navigate through the history of the automobile in India in a way that is fun and exciting, without being intimidating.'

'Few writers have been impassioned to trace the journey of the automobile
through Indian life, history and culture. Gautam Sen stands tall.'

'Gautam's long-time love affair with cars and his deep knowledge of them, as
well as their impact on Indian society, shine through this most readable and
instructive book.'

'What I liked best about this book was the effortless anecdotal tone the author
has taken when tracing the historical relevance of automobiles in India-whether
it is the royal period of the maharajas or the glamourous Bollywood era.'

'What fascinated me while reading the book is the influence cars have had on the
evolution of our culture. The Automobile is the perfect guide to the history of the
automobile and the role it has played in India's cultural and industrial growth.
And in Gautam's voice, the story is as thrilling as it is knowledgeable!'

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