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The Millionaire Fastlane (English)

Release date: 01 January 2020
₹ 599

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Escape Financial Mediocrity, Ditch the Job, and Slash 40-Years Off The Road to Wealth! Have You B... Read More

Product Description

Escape Financial Mediocrity, Ditch the Job, and Slash 40-Years Off The Road to Wealth! Have You Been Hoodwinked into a 40-Year Financial Lie? There’s a Fastlane to millions, a short-cut paved by mathematics, where you can LIVE RICH NOW versus DYING RICH LATER. Instead, you’ve been brainwashed by an army of financial gurus who pitch a dream-killing dogma known as “Get Rich Slow”. Their suffocating plan promises elderly riches by recklessly gambling your financial future to the whims of the stock market, the job market, and the housing market. Don’t live poor only to die rich. Reject Wall Street’s financial plan of hope-and-pray; switch lanes, go Fastlane, and win financial freedom young, not old. * Why “wealth-in-a-wheelchair”, 40 years of jobs, retirement funds, indexed-funds, mindless frugality and other “guru-speak” strategies will never make you rich. * Why most “get rich” books only make the author rich—not you! * How to truly feel wealthy right now, even if you’re flat broke. * The 5 Wealth Commandments—how to create a millionaire-making income! * The #1 leading cause of poorness—start here and you change everything! * How you can make net worth explosions of 400% or more; say goodbye to paltry 8% stock market returns! * Why the guru nonsense of “do what you love”, “follow your passion” and other feel-good platitudes are most likely dead-end roads to wealth. * And over 250 poverty-busting, wealth-accelerating distinctions!

Product Details

Title: The Millionaire Fastlane (English)
Author: MJ DeMarco
Publisher: Manjul
ISBN: 9789390085491
SKU: BK0446550
EAN: 9789390085491
Number Of Pages: 338 pages
Language: English
Place of Publication: India
Binding: Paperback
Release date: 01 January 2020

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