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The People of India

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'The People' and 'New India' are terms that are being invoked freely to both understand and gover... Read More

Product Description

'The People' and 'New India' are terms that are being invoked freely to both understand and govern India as she enters her 75th year of post-colonial nationhood. Yet, there is little clarity on who these people of India really are, what they do, their desires, histories and attachments to India. Similarly, the phrase 'New India' is used far
too loosely to explain away a dangerously confounding politics.
In this book, some of the most respected scholars of South Asia come together to write about a person or a concept that holds particular sway in the politics of contemporary India. In doing so, they collectively open up an original understanding of what the politics at the heart of New India are-and how best we might come to analyse them.
This brilliant collection put together by Ravinder Kaur and Nayanika Mathur includes original and accessible essays by leading social science and humanities scholars of South Asia.

The activist, the outsider, the devotee, the mob, antipolitical politics, bureaucratic
subservience, a docile media, and (let me add) bulldozer raj, beneficiary
citizenship-there have been many remarkable novelties in Indian politics in
recent years. This splendid volume examines these novelties in a deeply historical
and broadly global frame of the emergence of the people of India.

An indispensable guide to the political lexicon of the New India. The essays in
this imaginatively conceived volume offer compelling portraits of 'the people' at
the heart of a new democratic politics-from the kisan and the bhakt to the Aam
Aadmi and the Old Woman.

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Title: The People of India
SKU: BK0462430
EAN: 9780670096053
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover

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