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The Power of Make-Believe

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Shouger Merchant Doshi, former journalist and juris doctor of law, Illinois, USA, always felt tha... Read More

Product Description

Shouger Merchant Doshi, former journalist and juris doctor of law, Illinois, USA, always felt that she was lucky when it came to performing at job interviews or scoring a client. She later realized that this could only be attributed to her early childhood where she spent much time reading, writing and engaging in pretend play with her family members, which helped develop strong communication skills in her. When she returned to Mumbai from the US, she noticed the same trajectory in other adults, of childhood playing patterns leading to enhanced communication skills. Yearning to bring awareness to this correlation, Shouger decided to leave the corporate world and found her passion in the children's space. It was also during the same time that she became a mother to her son, Kiaan. She co-founded two companies-the first, The Story Merchants, which manufactures children's educational products based on pretend play and the second, The Pinwheel Project, an events company making children's products and services accessible pan-India. Armed with her literary prowess and breadth of knowledge on parenting, and having been part of many a mommy organization, Shouger explores parenting through pretend play as an effective way to communicate, bond with and further espouse intellectual development in the early years of your child's life.Parents today are too caught up in the rat race of 'perfect' parenting. In trying to ensure that their children are all-rounders and have an edge over their peers, parents forget to ask themselves an important question: What kind of life-skills can I inculcate during my child's early development that will propel them towards a successful future? The Power of Make-Believe addresses this question. This well researched book outlines that pretend play and purposeful discussions with parents accords children the gift of vocabulary and creativity that leads to effective communication skills, something that will benefit them throughout their life and career. With over sixty DIY pretend play activities, ten vocabulary enhancing ideas and several children's book recommendations-based on topical concerns to spark a conversation and help understanding of worldly concepts in a constructive yet fun way-Merchant Doshi offers superb educational entertainment; a way to foster the overall development of children while they have heaps of fun with their parents!'The Power of Make-Believe is a book that every parent must have, particularly after persevering through the Covid-19 crisis. When we were in lockdowns with our children with little to no resources, we have all realized the power of make-believe and creativity while facing the difficulties of entertaining little ones in the confines of the house. The activities listed in the book require meagre resources, are fun, educational, have a great conversational element and there is a take-away from each one. The idea of using books and play to explain everyday phenomena is one that I very much endorse and practise even with my child. The recommended list of books is also very extensive and covers every topic. I highly recommend this book to parents who have children between 1-7 years of age for sure!'

'I have always believed in the power of real discourse with my kids over the standard parenting rat race stuff. The Power of Make-Believe hits home with my personal parenting principles. First, what parents do during their time with their young children has a major effect on their output later in life. Second, the best skill you can impart to your kids is the ability to reason and to have a great conversation on various topics with confidence.
'Creating your own path as a parent and having meaningful discussions with your child is an important centrepiece of forging their personality and raising a free and liberal thinker. Shouger Merchant Doshi crafts this book with equal doses of intellect and humour, and brings out a fresh perspective on parenting. She shows how we can best impact our children's futures, their careers and choices in simple yet effective ways'

'The importance of pretend play in building essential life-skills in kids cannot be stressed enough; a must-read for every parent!'

'As a mom, this book really resonated with me and was very special. It simply yet eloquently describes pretend play activities that mandates every parent to have various discussions with their child. Shouger has incorporated reading and good vocabulary practices in play, which truly helps in building the child's confidence. Children will be getting educated while playing and won't even realize it!

'The Power of Make-Believe is sure to be a winner for 2021, especially given the Covid-19 crisis that we are all going through. The book is a great way to immerse yourself in your children's world, while building good memories and skills that will benefit them as they grow'

'One of the best parenting books out there; it doesn't preach or tell you what to do, instead tells you how you, as a parent, are that special someone who can impact your child's life by doing small but effective things at home to better engage, bond with and educate your child. A sure-shot winner''This book is an absolute delight; what I think hits the chord is the realization while reading that simple activities have such an impact on our children's growth and imagination. As a mom of three, I can vouch for the fact that becoming a mother is one of the best as well as the most challenging things that can happen to a woman. Moreover, since the lockdown due to Covid-19 continues to test parenting skills, this book will help immensely in keeping children purposefully busy while at home. The book will also help enhance your child's vocabulary with its many carefully curated activities, tips and tricks, and will enable many dinner table conversations with your children. In fact, this book is a result of the dinner table conversations Shouger had with her father; so one cannot emphasize enough the importance of meaningful conversations with your children. I highly recommend this book. It will be special for every child and parent'

Product Details

Title: The Power of Make-Believe
Author: Shouger Merchant Doshi
SKU: BK0436365
EAN: 9780143451891
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

About Author

Shouger Merchant Doshi is the founder of The Story Mechants and The Pinwheel Project.

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