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The Secret Sauce Is YOU!

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The Law of gravity is an inescapable truth of the universe. Sometimes, tectonic shifts happen, li... Read More

Product Description

The Law of gravity is an inescapable truth of the universe. Sometimes, tectonic shifts happen, lightning strikes, earth shatters, and we fall flat on our face at rock-bottom. We find ourselves engulfed in darkness, silence, and solitude- Finding this to be a perfect breeding ground, our opportunistic demons crawl into our minds gnawing us with their scrawny mindsets. We give in and lose it. We break and how! But how do you know what you’re truly made up of? When you break open! Incidentally, that’s how stars are made too!

Product Details

Title: The Secret Sauce Is YOU!
Author: Swati Sharma
Publisher: Invincible Publishers
ISBN: 9789390542543
SKU: BK0434201
EAN: 9789390542543
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Swati Sharma was born & brought up in New Delhi, INDIA. She lives in her den in Gurugram- Haryana, INDIA.Her parents named her ‘Abhilasha’ (A Wish!) as she was born. However, Swati got her first name changed when she was barely three years old since she didn't like it! Swati carries her steel-willed (not iron-willed for iron rusts!) mother's maiden surname. Simply because her much evolved father (A Great Man ahead of time itself!) didn't believe that both- Legacy & lineage should be in the father's surname only! After all, both a sperm and an egg make a life! Her father is perhaps the only man in the world who didn't have any qualms about letting his daughters carry his wife's surname and not his.Swati studied Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking from Harvard University. She is also an advanced Landmark graduate and ISTD (Indian Society for Training & Development) postgraduate. Swati won the National Award & Scholarship from the Ministry of Tourism, Government of INDIA for academic excellence in her Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Hotel Administration, PAN INDIA. She is a staunch learning & development professional who believes that training should be democratized in organizations just like her home country. She specializes in soft skills, life skills, and coaching. Swati loves her runs, yoga, and music. She greatly respects and lives in the power of silence, solitude, peace, and believes in leading a reflective life. She is a voracious reader and an ornate orator. Swati carries it in her genes from her father to sing and adores to absorb some Vitamin-Sea!

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