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Release date: 2018
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If you have to sell a product or a service, you are going to love this book. Evaluate the top pro... Read More

Product Description

If you have to sell a product or a service, you are going to love this
book. Evaluate the top producers in any sales force, and what will
you find? You’ll find salespeople who know how to sell in the real
world—people who are positive, aggressive, motivated, and savvy;
people who are confident and think quickly on their feet; people
who know how to get things done; people who are just plain street
smart. Were these people born this way? Absolutely not! They
learned their skills from doing, asking, and observing. And now,
thanks to The Street Smart Sales Pro, these valuable lessons are
available to those looking to supercharge their ability to sell.
While most books on this subject examine the act of selling from
an abstract boilerplate perspective, The Street Smart Sales Pro
offers a realistic “street smart” point of view, focusing on real
people in real situations. It covers every aspect of selling, from
highlighting the essential qualities that make up the truly
triumphant salesperson, to providing hundreds of practical tips,
insights, and tactics needed to make that initial contact and
successfully close the deal.
Although designed for men and women who sell products and
services, this book can also benefit those who have to sell
themselves in other situations. All you need is to learn how, and
you will not find a better teacher than The Street Smart Sales Pro.

Product Details

Author: Arthur Rogen
Publisher: Embassy Books
ISBN: 9789386450302
SKU: BK0431987
EAN: 9789386450302
Number Of Pages: 224 pages
Language: English
Place of Publication: Mumbai
Binding: Paperback
Release date: 2018

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