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The Tell

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About the BookEvery day we make predictions based on limited information,in business and at home.... Read More

Product Description

About the Book

Every day we make predictions based on limited information,in business and at home. Will this company's stockperformance continue? Will the job candidate I justinterviewed be a good employee? What kind of adult will mychild grow up to be? We tend to dismiss our predictive mindsas prone to bias and mistakes, but in The Tell, psychologistMatthew Hertenstein reveals that our intuition is surprisinglygood at using small clues to make big predictions, and showshow we can make better decisions by homing in on the rightdetails. Just as expert poker players use their opponents' tells tosee through their bluffs, Hertenstein shows that we canlikewise train ourselves to read physical cues to significantlyincrease our predictive acumen. By looking for certain clues,we can accurately call everything from election results to thelikelihood of marital success, IQ scores to sexual orientationeven from flimsy evidence, such as an old yearbook photoor a silent one minute video. Moreover, by understanding howpeople read our body language, we can adjust our ownbehavior so as to ace our next job interview or tip the datingscales in our favor."An entertaining look at our oft-maligned intuitive capabilities,offering useful tips on how we may sharpen our powers ofobservation and increase the accuracy of our predictions." -Kirkus Reviews

Product Details

Title: The Tell
Publisher: BASIC BOOKS
ISBN: 9780465042746
SKU: BK0082976
EAN: 9780465042746
Number Of Pages: 288
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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