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TheArchitect of the New BJP

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Ajay Singh is a journalist with thirty-five years of experience, having worked in various capacit... Read More

Product Description

Ajay Singh is a journalist with thirty-five years of experience, having worked in various capacities - from reporter to bureau chief, political editor, editor and editorial director - with some of the top news organizations, including the Times of India, the Economic Times, the Telegraph, the Pioneer, STAR TV, Sahara TV, NewsX, Governance Now and Firstpost.

He has led two projects of immersive reporting that were supported by the London School of Economics and by the ANSA-SAR, a World Bank Institute-funded network. Working at the grassroots level in Lucknow and Patna, he was able to acquaint himself with the ground realities of the Hindi heartland and its political processes. Formal interactions, as well as informal discussions with some of the top leaders and administrators who have shaped modern India, have enriched his perspective on politics. He has closely followed the evolution and rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party from close quarters, having been present during many crucial moments in the party's recent history. Currently, he is the press secretary to the President of India.

In less than forty years of its existence, the Bharatiya Janata Party has become the world's largest political party and continues to go from strength to strength in Indian politics. Although its historic rise may seem organic to some, there is much internal deliberation and planning that has aided the growth of this 180-million-member organization.

The Architect of the New BJP uses in-depth research and concrete examples to explain how the BJP has transformed over the decades. It reveals lesser-known contributions, like Prime Minister Narendra Modi's experiments with traditional methods of party-building, his keen eye for detail and the different innovative methodologies to expand the party. Ajay Singh not only examines the past of the party, including the vision of its founders, but also provides a glimpse into the future of the party. Based on extensive interviews with many party workers, leaders and observers, this is the story of how the veterans of this cadre-based party, appreciating its limitations, developed a unique Indian model that eventually transformed the BJP into the election-winning machine it is today.

'Repeated election victories require not just a charismatic leader but also the creation of organizations and institutions that last. In this engaging book, Ajay Singh offers the reader an unusual peek into Narendra Modi the builder, beginning with the story of his impeccable organization of relief work following the 1979 Machchhu river dam tragedy in Gujarat all the way down to his transformation of India's economy and polity today''The world has witnessed the meteoric rise of Narendra Modi from a chaiwalla to India's Pradhan Mantri! But how? Ajay Singh provides a riveting, behind-the-scenes narrative of Modi's organizational skills, discipline against all odds, stern empathy, self-reflection and perseverance that scripted his success. Inspirational, informative and engaging''The electoral magic of Modi seems to be getting stronger every day. Of course, his charisma and personal appeal are unparalleled, but a secret of his success is his organizational genius that he used to reinvent the BJP into a political entity transcending geographical, demographic and economic barriers. Ajay Singh's book is the first credible attempt to analyse how Modi transformed a legacy organization to power his success and create the most successful political party since Independence''There is a time in a leader's life before the figure is in full glare of the public eye. These years hold clues to more than we may admit. Ajay Singh gives us rare insights into the work and manner of India's prime minister. Perhaps more than others this is a veteran reporter's angle''An informative, evidence-based book which unfolds the story of the long political journey of Narendra Modi, from being a modest Sangh pracharak to becoming one of the most powerful prime ministers of India. What makes this book interesting is the author's close look at the organizational skills of Narendra Modi, which he demonstrated when he was a lesser-known politician - hardly known to many. The book presents a detailed account of Modi's organizational skills, his courage to experiment and innovate, beyond traditional vote-bank politics, even when he had just made an entry in electoral politics from the Sangh Parivar'

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Title: TheArchitect of the New BJP
SKU: BK0458550
EAN: 9780670096961
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover

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