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TheBig Book of Festivals

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Joan-Maree Hargreaves (Author)Children's author Joan-Maree Hargreaves is inspired by the bravery ... Read More

Product Description

Joan-Maree Hargreaves (Author)
Children's author Joan-Maree Hargreaves is inspired by the bravery and optimism of children. She has a special interest in social justice and representations of diversity. Joan-Maree has worked in publishing and magazines for more than a decade and has edited a number of Australian and international children's titles including National Geographic Kids (Australia and New Zealand), K-Zone (Australia) and Kraze Club (United Kingdom and Germany).

Marita Bullock (Author)
Children's author Marita Bullock has worked as an academic and secondary school teacher across the fields of Cultural Studies, Film, Art and Literature. She has published numerous articles on art and the visualisation of cultural 'difference'.

Liz Rowland (Illustrator)
Liz Rowland is a British Illustrator with a particular interest in people and cultures. Since graduating from Falmouth University in 2011, Liz has worked with clients including Vogue, Gourmet Traveller and Visit Britain. Liz's work is hand rendered, using a combination of gouache and watercolour. She is inspired by colour and pattern.Explore some of the most thrilling cultural and religious festivals from around the world!With vibrant watercolour illustrations and precise bursts of detail, culture and history, this is a fantastic and beautifully illustrated non-fiction resource for primary school libraries.A great introduction to the world's cultural and religious festivals. Liz Rowland's illustrations are beautiful.Crammed with information and facts celebrating the diversity of the world's celebrations and the importance of them to our sense of community. A valuable addition to school library and classroom bookshelves.An amazing and interesting book. The illustrations were great and so beautiful to look at.A celebration of diversity, culture and community. Each page is exquisitely illustrated.Explore some of the most thrilling cultural and religious festivals from around the world!

From Diwali, the Indian festival of light, to the Spanish tomato-throwing festival La Tomatina, to the Belgian Festival of Giants, this book is the perfect introduction to some of the world's most incredible cultural and religious celebrations.

Exquisitely illustrated by Liz Rowland, every page is packed with fascinating fun filled facts!

Some festivals are outrageously joyful, others are more serious. All of them bring people together to mark the big events in life. So dive into this riotous explosion of colour as we feast, sing, cry and celebrate the diversity of festivals and traditions this wonderful world of ours has to offer.

'Gorgeous.' Reading Time
'Perfect for young children . . . to introduce them to diverse celebrations and cultures.' Read Me Another Story
'Incredibly immersive.' Indian Link

Product Details

Title: TheBig Book of Festivals
Author: Joan-Maree HargreavesMarita BullockLiz Rowland
SKU: BK0446317
EAN: 9780571370221

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