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TheBurnout Epidemic

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Jennifer Moss is an award-winning journalist, author, and international public speaker. She is a ... Read More

Product Description

Jennifer Moss is an award-winning journalist, author, and international public speaker. She is a nationally syndicated radio columnist, reporting on topics related to happiness and workplace well-being. She is also a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in HuffPost, Forbes, the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Fortune, and Harvard Business Review. Her book, Unlocking Happiness at Work, received the distinguished UK Business Book of the Year Award. Moss also sits on the Global Happiness Council. To acknowledge her contributions to business and public service, Moss was named a Canadian Innovator of the Year, an International Female Entrepreneur of the Year, and recipient of the Public Service Award from the Office of President Obama.

You can find more about Jennifer Moss on Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.

In this powerful book, happiness expert Jennifer Moss explains why burnout is so rampant—and provides simple, researched-based solutions for helping employees minimize stress and building happier workplaces.

  • Research-based findings about the real causes of burnout.
  • Practical, how-to advice for managers and leaders.
  • New data and surveys on the pandemic's effect on burnout.
  • Success stories from companies—from before and during the pandemic.

Audience: Managers and leaders; HR professionals.

Named to the Longlist for Porchlight's Best Business Book Award in the Management & Workplace Culture Category

Shortlisted for the Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) Award in the Management & Culture Category

"It's a worthwhile read for anyone tasked with managing people today—or anyone with a vested interest in seeing their colleagues thrive." — Business Insider

Advance Praise for The Burnout Epidemic:

"This powerful and practical book could not be more timely. As the burnout epidemic spreads throughout the world, Jennifer Moss offers a much-needed vaccine—with positive side effects guaranteed!" — Tal Ben-Shahar, international bestselling author, Happier; cofounder, Happiness Studies Academy

"Burnout is today's burning issue, and Jennifer Moss has written a playbook to help us all understand how to address this critical topic. If you care about the people in your organization and setting them up to succeed, this book is a must-read." — Linda Boff, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Vice President, Learning and Culture, and President, GE Foundation, General Electric

"Given the challenges this world is experiencing and the once-in-a-generation opportunity for leaders to create a positive trajectory moving forward, this book matters now more than ever." — Shawn Achor, New York Times bestselling author, The Happiness Advantage and Big Potential

"There is no topic more important for leaders than how to empathize while also promoting the well-being of others. Moss's work is a must-read for leaders committed to putting their people first." — Jay Anders, Vice President, Leadership & People Development, Molson Coors Beverage Company

"Jennifer Moss hits a home run with her provocative and engaging analysis of the misunderstood topic of burnout. If you want to address this massive issue facing the future of work, read this book." — Dan Schawbel, New York Times bestselling author, Back to Human

"Those who care about the wellness of others have a staunch ally in Jennifer Moss. She approaches the critical issue of burnout with curiosity and passion, synthesizing evidence from numerous studies and the real-world experiences of leaders across an array of industries to create this timely, engaging, practical, heartfelt, and informative book. Read it for yourself; read it for those you love; read it for those you lead." — Edward Ellison, MD, Chairman of the Board and Executive Medical Director, Southern California Permanente Medical Group; Co-CEO, National Permanente Executive Committee

Named one of 10 Best New Management Books for 2022 by Thinkers50

Named to the shortlist for the 2021 Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) Award in the Management & Culture Category

In this important and timely book, workplace well-being expert Jennifer Moss helps leaders and individuals prevent burnout and create healthier, happier, and more productive workplaces.

We tend to think of burnout as a problem we can solve with self-care: more yoga, better breathing techniques, and more resilience. But evidence is mounting that applying personal, Band-Aid solutions to an epic and rapidly evolving workplace phenomenon isn't enough—in fact, it's not even close. If we're going to solve this problem, organizations must take the lead in developing an antiburnout strategy that moves beyond apps, wellness programs, and perks.

In this eye-opening, paradigm-shifting, and practical guide, Jennifer Moss lays bare the real causes of burnout and how organizations can stop the chronic stress cycle that an alarming number of workers suffer through. The Burnout Epidemic explains:

  • What causes burnout—and what organizations can do to prevent it
  • Why traditional wellness initiatives fall short
  • How companies can build an antiburnout strategy based on prevention, not perks
  • How leaders can measure burnout in their own organizations
  • What leaders can do to develop a healthier culture that prioritizes resilience and curiosity

As the pandemic has shown, self-care is important, but it's not a cure-all for burnout. Employers need to do more. With fascinating research, new findings from the pandemic, and interviews with business leaders around the globe, The Burnout Epidemic offers readers insightful and actionable advice that will empower them to help themselves—and their employees—feel healthier and happier at work.

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Title: TheBurnout Epidemic
Author: Jennifer Moss
SKU: BK0455093
EAN: 9781647820367
Language: English

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