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Gordon Weiss was the United Nations Spokesman in Sri Lanka for two years during the recent civil ... Read More

Product Description

Gordon Weiss was the United Nations Spokesman in Sri Lanka for two years during the recent civil war. For two decades, he worked as a journalist and for international organisations in numerous conflict and natural disaster zones. He is currently a Visiting Scholar at the University of Sydney, Australia. Twitter @gordonkweiss /

In just four months in 2009, Sri Lanka's 26 year-old desperate civil war came to a brutal and bloody end on a desolate stretch of beach in the island's north east.

Tens of thousands of civilians were killed when the government decimated the guerilla organisation, the Tamil Tigers.

Gordon Weiss witnessed the conflict at first hand as a UN spokesman in Colombo. His devastating account unravels the compelling history that led up to that final horrific episode, peeling back the Sri Lankan government's cloak of silence to reveal the truth of those tragic events.

A striking account of the ruthless terror wreaked by both sides on the innocent civilians trapped in the pocket of land ... he has published the first comprehensive, factual account of the mass killing and why the UN was powerless to prevent itComprehensive, fair and well-written'What does the Sri Lankan government have to hide? That's the question Gordon Weiss sets out to answer in this painstakingly researched and referenced study, and his conclusions are nothing short of horrific' A fair and brilliantly written tour de force of this long forgotten war. A book that is long overdue.It is not easy to read this shattering, heart-breaking tale of savagery and suffering, of pathetic victims caught in a terrible embrace of savagery and despair, from early hopes for freedom and justice to the hideous denouement. But doing so not only lifts the veil that conceals one of the most awful tragedies of the current era, but also helps us understand what should be done, not just in this sad and beautiful land, long before horrors spiral out of control.

Product Details

Title: TheCage
Author: Gordon Weiss
SKU: BK0022322
EAN: 9780099548478
Language: English

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