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TheCharacter Edge

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The Character Edge is inspiring and practical in equal measure, drawing upon both scientific rese... Read More

Product Description

The Character Edge is inspiring and practical in equal measure, drawing upon both scientific research and personal experience in how, and why, to develop strengths of heart, mind and gut. Only Mike Matthews and Bob Caslen could have written it. This will surely be an instant classic!Few great leaders have charismatic personality, but all have character that inspires. Caslen and Matthews show how and why this fundamental inner architecture of leadership can ‰ÛÒ and must ‰ÛÒ be builtIn The Character Edge, Caslen and Matthews offer the definitive guide to how individuals and organizations may build and utilize positive character to flourish and win. Corporations who ‰Û÷get‰۪ this message excel, those that do not will fail in the long runWhat determines the importance and long-lasting impact of leadership? Lieutenant general and former West Point superintendent Caslen and psychologist Matthews examine the qualities of character that make a leader worth following . . . [their] combined experience culminates in a fascinating study of leadershipIf you ever aspire to effective leadership, whether at the tactical or strategic level, you‰۪ll soon learn that the most important ingredient in effective leadership is character. Bob Caslen and Mike Matthews have captured this truth in both theory and application with moving and insightful stories and personal experiences. This book will both challenge you and motivate you to lead a life of integrity and honour, and in so doing, inspire the men and women you lead to the highest achievements they never thought possible. Bob and Mike have something very, very important here. I hope it goes viral in a big wayTrue leadership is about character ‰ÛÒ the key to winning ‰Û÷the right way‰۪. The Character Edge shows you why this is so important in today‰۪s social environment and how to achieve it.

True leadership is about character ‰ÛÒ this is the key to winning ‰Û÷the right way‰۪.

In a world where we‰۪re bombarded by messages of ‰Û÷winning at any cost‰۪, dishonest politicians, CEOs committing fraud, disgraced military commanders and cheating athletes, integrity matters more than ever. The Character Edge explains the powerful role character plays in trust, culture and leadership, and offers readers tools to exercise and strengthen their own.

Reaching from the battlefield to the classroom and beyond, former superintendent of West Point Robert Caslen and professor of psychology Dr Michael Matthews explore the vital link between strong character and strong leadership, and explain why the latter cannot exist without the former.

‰Û÷Caslen and Matthews show how and why this fundamental inner architecture of leadership can ‰ÛÒ and must ‰ÛÒ be built‰۪ - Jim Collins, bestselling author of Good to Great.

General Robert Caslen has led more than 200,000 soldiers, under nine commanders in chief, deploying six times; and headed West Point, the institution from which he graduated, for five years.

Dr Michael Matthews has forty years of experience as a psychologist, the past fifteen of which have focused on character assessment and development among West Point cadets. He is a founding member of the Military Child Education Coalition‰۪s Science Advisory Board.

Their book The Character Edge explores the link between strong character and strong leadership.

Product Details

Title: TheCharacter Edge
Author: Robert L. Caslen Jr.Michael D. Matthews
SKU: BK0457178
EAN: 9781529035063
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

About Author

Lieutenant General Robert L. Caslen, Jr. is the 29th president of the University of South Carolina. Caslen is a retired Army lieutenant general and former superintendent of the United States Military Academy at West Point. After retiring from the Army in 2018, Caslen became the senior counsel to the president at the University of Central Florida. Caslen grew up in Vermont, worked in his family’s ski lodge, and then was recruited to play football at West Point. Along with his bachelor’s degree from West Point, Caslen holds an MBA in finance from Long Island University and a master’s in industrial engineering from Kansas State University. He and his wife, Shelly, have been married for forty-two years and have three sons and four grandchildren.Michael D. Matthews is Professor of Engineering Psychology at the United States Military Academy at West Point. He served as President of the American Psychological Association’s Society for Military Psychology from 2007 to 2008 and is a Templeton Foundation Senior Positive Psychology Fellow. From 2014 to 2015, he served as a Fellow for the U.S. Army Chief of Staff’s Strategic Studies Group. He has authored more than 250 scientific papers and edited several books on military psychology, and is the author of Head Strong: How Psychology is Revolutionizing War, Human Performance Optimization (co-edited with David M. Schnyer), and The Science and Ethics of Enhancing Human Capabilities.

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