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<p>Richard Rumelt is Professor Emeritus at UCLA Anderson. He has also taught at INSEAD in F... Read More

Product Description

<p>Richard Rumelt is Professor Emeritus at UCLA Anderson. He has also taught at INSEAD in France and at the Harvard Business School, and has consulted with organisations ranging from the Samuel Goldwyn Company to the Defense Intelligence Agency. He is the author of the bestselling 2011 book, <i>Good Strategy/Bad </i><i>Strategy</i>.</p><p><b>A <i>FINANCIAL TIMES </i>BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR <br><br>A revolutionary framework to turn any leader into a strategist - by the bestselling author of <i>Good Strategy/Bad Strategy</i></b><br><br><b>'<i>The Crux</i> shows why Rumelt is a global authority on strategy.' </b>Andy D. Bryant, chairman of the board, Intel Corporation, 2012-20<br><br><b>'Another triumph from the most insightful - and entertaining - commentator on strategy ' </b>Sir John Kay, author of <i>Obliquity</i><br><br><b>'The only book you'll need as a strategist'</b> Dawn Farrell, president and CEO, TransAlta (2012-21)<br><br>The most important part of a leader's job is to set in motion the actions today that will build a better future tomorrow - in other words, strategy. But how do leaders become strategists?<br><br>In this ground-breaking book, Richard Rumelt, the world's leading authority on strategy, shows how finding the crux of a challenge is the essence of the strategist's skill. The crux is the key issue where action will best pay off, and Rumelt reveals how to pinpoint it so you can focus energy on what really matters. Drawing on decades of professional and academic experience, and through vivid storytelling - from Elon Musk's decision-making to Netflix's journey - Rumelt illuminates how leaders can overcome obstacles, navigate uncertainty and determine the best path forward. <br><br>Strategy is not about setting financial targets, statements of desired outcomes, or performance goals, it is about finding the crux and taking decisive, coherent action.</p>A genre-defining book for all leaders by the bestselling author of <i>Good Strategy/Bad Strategy</i>A triumph. The book I will press into the hands of my people as the best way to make them strategists.For any leader looking to deepen their grasp of strategic thinking-and put it into practice-this book full of new inspiration and practical ideas will accelerate your progress.Essential reading If you want to cut through the fog of what it takes to build and drive a successful business. ... Your guide to become a successful leader and strategist with impact.This is the only book you'll need as a strategist if you are determined to build a focused and coherent strategy for your business.Shows why Rumelt is a global authority on strategy. This is an immensely readable guide to one of the most difficult subjects: how to create a way forward when facing knotty challenges'Richard Rumelt is the thinker with the biggest impact on my career and the companies I have been with, making my work more enjoyable and catalysing the creation of wealth which is nothing short of astonishing. <i>The Crux</i> is a triumphA bracingly direct guide about the pitfalls of strategy<p>Praise for <i>Good Strategy/Bad Strategy:</i><br><br><br>'A business classic</p>A milestone in both the theory and practice of strategy.Richly illustrated and persuasively argued by a researcher, teacher, and consultant, Richard Rumelt has authored the playbook for anybody in a leadership position who must think and act strategically.

Product Details

Title: TheCrux
Author: Richard Rumelt
SKU: BK0445438
EAN: 9781788169509
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover

About Author

Richard Rumelt is a professor at UCLA's Anderson School of Business. He also taught for several years at INSEAD in France, and has been a consultant to a wide range of organisations, from the Samuel Goldwyn Company to Shell.

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