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TheDescent of Man

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Introduced by Adrian Desmond and James Moore, the joint authors of the acclaimed biography of Dar... Read More

Product Description

Introduced by Adrian Desmond and James Moore, the joint authors of the acclaimed biography of Darwin, also available in Penguin (0140131922)Introduction calls for a radical re-assessment of the book, arguing that it originated in Darwin's concerns about race and slavery and concluded with an explanation of the dynamics of racial divergence.With suggestions for further reading, a chronology of Darwin's life and works, and a biographical glossary.Reproduces all the original illustrations and Darwin's own notesAlso available in Penguin Classics: The Origin of the Species (sells 15k pa), The Voyage of the Beagle (sells 7k pa), Autobiographies (has sold 4000 since 2002)

CHARLES DARWIN (1809-82) was an evolutionary biologist, best known for his controversial and ground-breaking On the Origin of Species (1856). JAMES MOORE is Reader in History of Science & Technology at the Open University. He is currently working on a biography of Alfred Russel Wallace.
ADRIAN DESMOND is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Biology Department at UCL. He is the author of a 2-volume biography of Huxley and is editing Huxley's family correspondence.

Applying his controversial theory of evolution to the origins of the human species, Charles Darwin's The Descent of Man was the culmination of his life's work. This Penguin Classics edition is edited with an introduction by James Moore and Adrian Desmond.

In The Origin of Species, Charles Darwin refused to discuss human evolution, believing the subject too 'surrounded with prejudices'. He had been reworking his notes since the 1830s, but only with trepidation did he finally publish The Descent of Man in 1871. The book notoriously put apes in our family tree and made the races one family, diversified by 'sexual selection' - Darwin's provocative theory that female choice among competing males leads to diverging racial characteristics. Named by Sigmund Freud as 'one of the ten most significant books' ever written, Darwin's Descent of Man continues to shape the way we think about what it is that makes us uniquely human.

In their introduction, James Moore and Adrian Desmond, acclaimed biographers of Charles Darwin, call for a radical re-assessment of the book, arguing that its core ideas on race were fired by Darwin's hatred of slavery. The text is the second and definitive edition and this volume also contains suggestions for further reading, a chronology and biographical sketches of prominent individuals mentioned.

Charles Darwin (1809-82), a Victorian scientist and naturalist, has become one of the most famous figures of science to date. The advent of On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection in 1859 challenged and contradicted all contemporary biological and religious beliefs.

If you enjoyed The Descent of Man, you might like Darwin's On the Origin of Species, also available in Penguin Classics.

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Title: TheDescent of Man
Author: Adrian DesmondCharles DarwinJames Moore
SKU: BK0027580
EAN: 9780140436310
Language: English

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