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TheGod Market

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Meera Nanda writes on science and religion. She is a philosopher of science with initial trai... Read More

Product Description

Meera Nanda writes on science and religion. She is a philosopher of science with initial training in biology. She has received research fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies and the John Templeton Foundation, USA. She is a visiting fellow (2009-10) at the Jawaharlal Institute of Advanced Studies, JNU. She is the author of the award-winning book, Prophets Facing Backward: Postmodernism, Science, and Hindu Nationalism.

As India‰۪s economy has liberalized, so too has it become Hinduized.

Middle-class Indians are becoming actively religious as they are becoming prosperous. The last decade has seen the proliferation of powerful new god-men, a massive rise in temple rituals, the creation of new gods, and the increased demand for priests. Hinduism has entered public life as well with politicians regularly using pujas and yajnas in their campaigning.

The state is enabling this Hinduization with the help of the private sector. From actively promoting religious tourism, to handing over higher education to private sector institutions, some of whom use religious trusts to run these institutions and impart ‰Û÷value-based‰۪ education, to giving away land at highly subsidized rates to gurus and god-men, many of the privatization measures of the government are linked with the promotion of Hinduism.

Why has this happened? What does it mean? And does this spell the death of Indian secularism? In this eye-opening book, Meera Nanda looks at the rise of popular Hinduism and uncovers, for the first time, the nexus between the state, temple and corporate India, and the ugly truth behind India‰۪s leap into globalization and economic reforms. She argues that india is creating its own, insidious form of fundamentalism, one that can lead the country into grave danger.

Hard-hitting and controversial, full of fascinating facts, The God Market is essential reading for all citizens.

Product Details

Title: TheGod Market
Author: Meera Nanda
SKU: BK0362024
EAN: 9788184000955
Binding: Paperback

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