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TheGreatest Trade Ever

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An adrenaline-packed story of trading at the highest level, starring a real-life Gordon Gekko. Pe... Read More

Product Description

An adrenaline-packed story of trading at the highest level, starring a real-life Gordon Gekko. Perfect for fans of Michael Lewis's The Big Short - the 2015 film of which has been nominated for five Academy Awards.John Paulson is the king of the Cityboys - the trader who bet everything he had against the housing market and the banks. When the world economy collapsed he reaped the rewards: in a single morning Paulson made £1.25bn profitsPaulson is now worth more than Stephen Spielberg and Donald Trump, and has a place in the Wall Street history books alongside Warren Buffet and George SorosA story with all the drama of Barbarians at the Gate, this also works as a handy guide to spotting the next bubbleWritten with the exclusive co-operation of the secretive PaulsonA narrative non-fiction classic for those who loved Liar's Poker, The Perfect Storm, and Touching the VoidSimply terrific. Easily the best of the post-crash financial booksGreg Zuckerman was the first to tell the world about John Paulson's sensational trade . . . He's written the definitive account of a strange and wonderful subplot of the financial crisisA must-read for anyone fascinated by financial madnessA forensic, read-in-one-sitting bookExtraordinary, excellentCompellingZuckerman takes us to Wall Street's heart of darkness, where mushroomed a $1 trillion subprime mortgage market that only the few, the brave, the smart dared short. This is at once a great page-turner and a great illuminator of the market's crash.Much, much more than a brilliant account of Paulson's trade of the century; this book also provides a highly enjoyable and lucid journey through the analytical and emotional maze that constituted the financial markets on the eve of the Great Recession. Compulsory reading.A magnificent insider look at how Paulson and others profited off of subprime's demise... insightful and gripping.

'The definitive account of a sensational trade' Michael Lewis, author of The Big Short

Autumn 2008. The world's finances collapse but one man makes a killing.

John Paulson, a softly spoken hedge-fund manager who still took the bus to work, seemed unlikely to stake his career on one big gamble. But he did - and The Greatest Trade Ever is the story of how he realised that the sub-prime housing bubble was going to burst, making $15 Billion for his fund and more than $4 Billion for himself in a single year. It's a tale of folly and wizardry, individual brilliance versus institutional stupidity.

John Paulson made the biggest winning bet in history. And this is how he did it.

'Extraordinary, excellent' Observer

'A must-read for anyone fascinated by financial madness' Mail on Sunday

'A forensic, read-in-one-sitting book' Sunday Times

'Simply terrific. Easily the best of the post-crash financial books' Malcolm Gladwell

'A great page-turner and a great illuminator of the market's crash' John Helyar, author of Barbarians at the Gate

Product Details

Title: TheGreatest Trade Ever
Author: Gregory Zuckerman
SKU: BK0030502
EAN: 9780141043159
Language: English

About Author

Gregory Zuckerman is a special writer at the Wall Street Journal. He writes about business subjects like financial trades, hedge funds and private-equity firms, and about innovation and cutting-edge science. He's a three-time winner of the Gerald Loeb Award, the highest honour in business journalism. Zuckerman is the author of The Greatest Trade Ever and The Frackers, and he appears regularly on CNBC, Fox Business, and the BBC. He lives in New York.

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