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TheHome Stretch

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Sanjay Dattatri is a software engineer. Over the last seven years, however, he has been working o... Read More

Product Description

Sanjay Dattatri is a software engineer. Over the last seven years, however, he has been working on various initiatives to make the lives of the elderly in India better. He was a full-time director of India's first store exclusively for senior citizens called the 'Old Is Gold Store', based in Chennai, for over five years.

He lives in Chennai with his wonderful and supportive wife, son and his mother-in-law. He can be reached at

In their twilight years, people increasingly rely on friends and family to get through the day. In Indian homes, it is not unusual to see adult children sandwiched between parenting and caregiving obligations, with both young children and elderly parents in the house.

The Home Stretch is an empathetic, handy guide that seeks to simplify caregiving and equip readers with the tools
and guidance required to build a safer, happier and more comfortable life for the elders around them. From tips on
maintaining their health and independence to taking care of the bedridden, the book covers a wide range of topics
to meet the progressively complicated needs associated with caring for ageing loved ones.

A product of the author's years of caregiving experience and interactions with countless doctors, counsellors, senior
citizens and other family caregivers, this book has the ability to transform how we look at ageing and the aged.

An invaluable guide for each one of us-at once educative and compassionate, born of the best of all teachers: serving those who cannot help themselves.'Over the next few decades, we will see a robust growth in the population of senior citizens in this country. This book provides some valuable insights about caring for the elders in our families during their sunset years. Caring of elders needs to go hand in hand with compassion, such that they still feel they have a voice, and they have a role to play in their family and society. Sanjay has shared some very valuable insights based on his very personal journey'The Home Stretch, a family caregiver's handbook written by Sanjay Dattatri, is a thoughtful and sensitive guide to caring for the sick and those with terminal health conditions. He delves into everyday issues of dealing with such an eventuality in your family and talks about its financial and emotional burden. Coming to terms with the fact that one needs to provide comfortable and clean care to a close relative while remaining sane and happy oneself calls for an organized approach that Sanjay so succinctly sums up. This is a guide that each of us could do with in our homes. A valuable insight into what to expect when a family member falls sick and how to deal with it on a daily basis.It is a sensitive and informative account of what we can do, rather than what we cannot do for our ageing parents, grandparents and other senior citizens.

Product Details

Title: TheHome Stretch
Author: Sanjay Dattatri
SKU: BK0453948
EAN: 9780143452522
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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