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TheMind Makeover

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Sharron Lowe is a success coach to global luxury brands. Her previous clients have included Chane... Read More

Product Description

Sharron Lowe is a success coach to global luxury brands. Her previous clients have included Chanel, Calvin Klein, Clinique, Christian Dior, Estée Lauder and Lancôme. Sharron is currently a mentor in Marie Claire's Inspire & Mentor Campaign and advises readers in a regular column for the magazine. Over the past 15 years Sharron has run image and confidence-building workshops with the charity Centrepoint, helping homeless young women get back on their feet. Visit

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? If you've ever doubted yourself, allowed other people's negativity to stop you from doing what you want, or assumed that any success you've had in the past was just a case of 'pure luck', then you need The Mind Makeover.

For many years Sharron Lowe has been the go-to coach for global luxury brands. She has coached thousands of people, helping them to make positive changes in how they think, feel and what they believe is possible. In doing so she has transformed the brands and people she works with.

In The Mind Makeover, Sharron Lowe shares her success strategies. She will show you how to: create a positive inner voice, stop negative influences ruling your life, and build your confidence and self-belief. So what are you waiting for? A mind lift is much better than a face lift, and your mind is the key to living your best life yet. The Mind Makeover is essential reading for anyone who wants to take control of their life.

Success coach to global luxury brands shows you how to make the positive shifts in your thinking that will lead to the fulfilment, success and happiness you deserve.Sharron is one of the most dynamic and inspiring women I have ever met. Her energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious. Through her own success story, and now with The Mind Makeover, she hands us the tools to burst through those imaginary barriers and reach a level of achievement and personal fulfilment beyond our wildest dreams. For Sharron, anything is possible; and this book will empower you to achieve it.Sharron is one of the UK's top motivators and influencers, which is why we were thrilled to have her as a Marie Claire mentor. Reading The Mind Makeover is like having Sharron right by your side as you make the journey to change your life for the better.Sharron has this incredible ability to take someone from good to great. I have witnessed first-hand how she can drive a business forward by motivating people within the organisation to realise their potential by making the best use of their personal strengths. Throughout my career Sharron has been a fantastic coach and through her humour, energy and her focus on the positive, she has given me the courage and motivation to take on new and exciting challenges. I am so excited that many more people now have the opportunity to experience their own Mind Makeover.Homeless young women lacking confidence and self-esteem leave at the end of Sharron's motivational workshop with the determination to turn their lives around. We are extremely grateful for the empowering workshops that Sharron has run for the past 15 years.

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Title: TheMind Makeover
Author: Sharron Lowe
SKU: BK0060742
EAN: 9780349406138

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