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TheMoral Compass

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When Life Brings Us to Crossroads ...Now and then, life brings us to a critical juncture where we... Read More

Product Description

When Life Brings Us to Crossroads ...

Now and then, life brings us to a critical juncture where we must make tough decisions. However, the stakes are sometimes so high that our values and ethics take a back seat over convenience and instant benefit. Most decisions of convenience often lead to future regret and failure.

The Moral Compass delves deep into why humans behave in a certain manner under specific situations. It then goes into situations that hold a mirror to our lives, empathizing with the protagonists and laying bare their deepest fears, insecurities and motivations as they navigate the curveballs that life throws at them.

Drawing heavily from spirituality, philosophy, psychology and four decades of Hardayal Singh's experience at the helm of critical decision-making, the book will help you design your own moral compass and find balance and purpose in an imperfect world.

'Here is a double pleasure packed in a single delightful package. Hardayal Singh has stories to tell, which are all true to life of most people around the world, but especially in India. These are stories about all of us and the problems and pleasures which are familiar to us. Like Aesop, Hardayal Singh tells stories with a moral lesson but manages even so to make them genuinely interesting. There is no doubt that we have here a fine story teller moralist. But lest you have doubts, read the delightful gloss Gurcharan Das gives to each and every story in this collection. You could call these stories moral tales or if you prefer lessons in Dharma. I would say read them because they are stories we all have known and lived. They are, above all, enjoyable.'

Lord Meghnad Desai, economist and former Labour politician

'A wonderful and timely book! A must-read to sharpen one's moral compass and resolve the ethical dilemmas of life.'

Nandan Nilekani, co-founder and chairman, Infosys Technologies Limited

'We live in a messy world of moral dilemmas. This book helps one to navigate in these choppy waters on a boat built of parables, anecdotes, and personal experience. It is written in a simple and approachable language.'

Sanjeev Sanyal, writer and economist

'Ethics, the ability to do the right thing in difficult circumstances, represents the ultimate dilemma for human beings. Hardayal Singh's highly readable and insightful collection of stories that examine this dilemma through myriad angles, and Gurcharan Das's lucid Introduction, are an unputdownable primer for the ordinary person to understand what the moral compass could be'.

Pavan K. Varma, author, diplomat, former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

'This book does not provide instant recipes for solving moral and ethical problems. Yet it will shine as a beacon in treacherous landscapes, full of minefields and pitfalls, which we are often required to negotiate when we are compelled to make choices with humongous costs.'

V.K. Shunglu, former comptroller and auditor general of India

'I am sure Hardayal's book will be useful to readers of all ages, but especially young people who frequently grapple with many moral dilemmas with little guidance.'

T.S. Krishnamurthy, former chief election commissioner of India

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