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TheOcean of Churn

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Sanjeev Sanyal is an internationally acclaimed economist, urban theorist and a bestselling author... Read More

Product Description

Sanjeev Sanyal is an internationally acclaimed economist, urban theorist and a bestselling author. He writes on a wide array of topics ranging from economics to history, and in 2014, he was given the inaugural International Indian Achievers Award for contributions to literature. He has been a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London; visiting scholar at Oxford University; adjunct fellow at Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore; and a senior fellow of the World Wide Fund for Nature.

Much of human history has played itself out along the rim of the Indian Ocean. In a first-of-its-kind attempt, bestselling author Sanjeev Sanyal tells the history of this significant region, which stretches across East Africa, the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent to South East Asia and Australia. He narrates a fascinating tale about the earliest human migrations out of Africa and the great cities of Angkor and Vijayanagar; medieval Arab empires and Chinese 'treasure fleets'; the rivalries of European colonial powers and a new dawn.

Sanjeev explores remote archaeological sites, ancient inscriptions, maritime trading networks and half-forgotten oral histories, to make exciting revelations. In his inimitable style, he draws upon existing and new evidence to challenge well-established claims about famous historical characters and the flow of history. Adventurers, merchants, explorers, monks, swashbuckling pirates, revolutionaries and warrior princesses populate this colourful and multifaceted narrative.

The Ocean of Churn takes the reader on an amazing journey through medieval geopolitics and eyewitness accounts of long-lost cities to the latest genetic discoveries about human origins, bringing alive a region that has defined civilization from the very beginning.

Product Details

Title: TheOcean of Churn
Author: Sanjeev Sanyal
SKU: BK0124040
EAN: 9780670087327
Binding: Paperback

About Author

Sanjeev Sanyal is the principal economic adviser to the Government of India and an internationally acclaimed economist and urban theorist. He lives in New Delhi and writes on a wide array of topics, ranging from economics to history. A Rhodes Scholar and an Eisenhower Fellow, Sanjeev spent two decades working in international financial markets and was named Young Global Leader in 2010 by the World Economic Forum. He is the author of the bestselling books The Ocean of Churn: How the Indian Ocean Shaped Human History (2016), Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India's Geography (2012) and The Indian Renaissance: India's Rise After a Thousand Years of Decline (2008), published by Penguin. This book is an adaptation of the second.

Sowmya Rajendran has written several books for children, from picture books for toddlers to young adult fiction. She won the Sahitya Akademi's Bal Sahitya Puraskar in 2015 for her children's novel Mayil Will Not Be Quiet, co-authored with Niveditha Subramaniam. Sowmya works as a journalist for a news publication and writes on gender, culture and cinema. She lives in Pune.

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