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ThePenguin Book of Feminist Writing

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Hannah Dawson is a historian of ideas at King's College London, and a regular contributor to tele... Read More

Product Description

Hannah Dawson is a historian of ideas at King's College London, and a regular contributor to television, radio, and festivals. She is an expert on the history of moral and political thought, and on early modern philosophy of language. She wrote books on Hobbes and Locke until her consciousness was raised.Bulging with brilliant and exciting writing. Its vast sweep takes us from the 15th century, when Christine de Pizan, a court writer in medieval France, imagined a City of Ladies where women would be safe from harassment, through to the present day, with work by Maggie Nelson, Eileen Myles, Rachel Cusk, Deborah Levy and Lola Olufemi.Inclusiveness is explored in a joyous multiplicity of writings incorporating collective manifestos, poetry, fiction, and autobiography... endlessly fascinatingThe Penguin Book of Feminist Writing rounds up the voices of women from across history to discuss the meaning and practice of feminism. This is a book that every person should read: the multiplicity of voices from various times and spaces allows women of the past alongside women of the present to be noisy about why feminism matters. It is a collective masterpiece.

Feminism is the insight that sexism exists, and the struggle against that oppression. The Penguin Book of Feminist Writing is a global anthology of feminist writers, edited and introduced with a major new essay by Hannah Dawson.

Beginning in the fifteenth century with Christine de Pizan, who imagined a City of Ladies that would serve as a refuge from the harassment of men, the book reaches around the earth and through the years to us, now, crashing about in the fourth wave. It goes beyond the usual white, western story, encompassing also race, class, capitalism, imperialism, and other axes of oppression that intersect with patriarchy. Alongside Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who declared in Seneca Falls in 1848 the self-evident truth 'that all men and women are created equal', we find Sojourner Truth, born into slavery in New York in 1797, who replied 'and ain't I a woman?' Deeply sensitive to the exclusions and exploitations of feminism itself, the anthology is as alive to the conflicts between women as it is to the struggle against patriarchy. Maximally inclusive, and drawing on poems, novels and memoirs, as well as roaring manifestos, The Penguin Book of Feminist Writing parts the clouds on a constellation of feminist classics.

Product Details

Title: ThePenguin Book of Feminist Writing
Author: Hannah Dawson
SKU: BK0451937
EAN: 9780241432860
Language: English

About Author

Hannah Dawson is Senior Lecturer in the History of Ideas at King's College London. Her previous book was Life Lessons from Hobbes. She read hundreds of thousands of words to whittle down to the sublime selection represented here.

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