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ThePower of Ethics

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Should a historical statue be taken down if the person memorialised was unethical? What should yo... Read More

Product Description

Should a historical statue be taken down if the person memorialised was unethical? 
What should you consider before sending your DNA for a genetic analysis?
Is it enough for businesses to simply meet their legal obligations or should they exceed them?

The essential guide for decision-making when ethics are on the edge. Learn how to make ethical decisions in every situation, from personal to professional, and realise how you contribute to shaping the world, one decision at a time.
‘A 21st century ethics classic. A book for leaders to keep close at hand.’
Rob Chesnut

Ethics can be complicated and its boundaries blurred. Publicly, government leaders are acting against the welfare of their citizens, companies are prioritising profits above all, and technology poses risks to society through both innovation and misinformation with little to no repercussions. Personally, we struggle with how much to protect our children online, how to make informed consumer choices, and how to handle misconduct at work.

Behind virtually every ethical challenge we face, there are six forces and through a straightforward, four-step process, world class ethics professor Susan Liautaud gives you all the tools needed to navigate ethics. Learn how to develop a clear point of view, speak with authority and make effective decisions across all areas of life.
In The Power of Ethics, Liautaud shows how we all can make more ethical choices at home, at work, in our communities and in society and create a better world through the decisions we make every day.'Absolutely brilliant, engaging, and very timely cri de coeur. Follow Liautaud’s instructions and you will be a better decision-maker - and person.''Actionable and ready to use by all, The Power of Ethics makes ethical dilemmas clear instead of leaving you to agonize over impossible choices. A must-read.''A 21st century ethics classic, The Power of Ethics delivers with stories of modern, big world integrity fails. Susan gives us a practical framework for making ethical decisions in what is an increasingly complex environment. A book for leaders to read and keep close at hand.''Accessible, deep, and a compelling read, Liautaud’s book explores many of today’s and tomor­row’s ethical issues . . . A useful and practical guide for individuals and organizations as they navigate their way through ethical challenges.''Philosophy can be abstract and frustrating to read. In The Power of Ethics, Liautaud attacks ethical decision-making not in a nebulous philosophical space, but at the point where the rubber meets the road. Reading it is a pure joy.''Trust is the currency of ethics. Susan Liautaud distills her twenty years of experience advising companies to democratize ethics and make it accessible to all. It is inspiring. It is practical. It is more timely than ever.''Brilliantly effective, truly visionary . . . an essential reminder of how each of our decisions impacts the stories of others around us. So get reading now, and don’t let ethics happen to you: Always be an actor—and never a spectator—of your own life.'

Product Details

Title: ThePower of Ethics
Author: Susan LiautaudLisa Sweetingham
SKU: BK0451738
EAN: 9781471188572
Language: English

About Author

Susan Liautaud is the founder and managing director of Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited, which advises clients from global corporations to NGOs on complex ethics matters. She teaches cutting-edge ethics courses at Stanford University, serves as chair of Council of the London School of Economics and Political Science, and is the founder of the nonprofit platform The Ethics Incubator. She also chairs and serves on a number of global nonprofit boards. She divides her time between Palo Alto, California, and London.

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