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TheRule of One

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Kazi I. Huque (Author) Kazi I. Huque is the founding CEO of Grameen Intel Social Business. He st... Read More

Product Description

Kazi I. Huque (Author)
Kazi I. Huque is the founding CEO of Grameen Intel Social Business. He started his career as a software engineer at a start-up and found his way into finance and entrepreneurship at Intel, where he is currently a finance director in mergers and acquisitions.

Narayan Sundararajan (Author)
Narayan Sundararajan is the CTO of Grameen Intel Social Business. Also a senior principal engineer and director at Intel, he is passionate about applying cutting-edge technologies to address global social issues.

Jacen Greene (Author)
Jacen Greene works with social entrepreneurs around the world and has helped launch new social enterprises, university programmes and a university research centre.

Foreword by Muhammad Yunus

The Rule of One speaks about the power of social intrapreneurship in the developing world. Colleagues at Intel, Kazi I. Huque and Narayan Sundararajan founded an intrapreneurial venture between Intel and Grameen, called Grameen Intel Social Business, working with Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus. Along with Jacen Greene, they have collected and presented their original and transformational ideas in this book that explores crippling challenges like poverty, healthcare and education which plague the developing world and how problems related to these challenges can be solved in a sustainable and comprehensive manner.

This book tells us that nearly half of the people living in developing countries are yet to benefit from information technology. Peppered with illustrative and useful examples and case studies, The Rule of One provides a comprehensive roadmap for any foundation, development agency and company to engineer solutions to deal with social and economic issues.

'An engaging narrative of their incredible experiential learning as they went on to demonstrate the power of social intrapreneurship''A practical and riveting journey of social entrepreneurship and technology impact at the grass-roots level''Provides an example for aspiring entrepreneurs of a social business that uses technology to do just that''An essential guide for anyone interested in how a modern corporation used intrapreneurship and social innovation to affect lasting change for people in impoverished areas of the world''Replete with valuable insights for anyone interested in harnessing technology and business discipline for long-term social change'

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