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Janice Hallett studied English at UCL, and spent several years as a magazine editor, winning two ... Read More

Product Description

Janice Hallett studied English at UCL, and spent several years as a magazine editor, winning two awards for journalism. Her debut novel, <i>The Appeal,</i> was a <i>Sunday Times</i> bestseller, the <i>Sunday Times</i> 2021 crime book of the year, and shortlisted for the Waterstones book of the year. Janice lives in West London.<p><b>* THE PHENOMENAL <i>SUNDAY TIMES</i> BESTSELLER FROM THE QUEEN OF COSY CRIME *</b><br><br><b>A <i>SUNDAY TIMES</i> BEST BOOK OF 2022</b><br><b>A <i>TELEGRAPH</i> BEST BOOK OF 2022</b><br><b>A <i>GUARDIAN</i> BEST BOOK OF 2022</b><br><b>A <i>FINANCIAL TIMES</i> BEST BOOK OF 2022</b><br><b><br>'Every page is a joy. The queen of unreliable narrators' <i>SUNDAY TIMES</i></b><br><b>'Brilliant - a mind-bending, heartwarming mystery not to be missed' <i>OBSERVER</i></b><br><b>'She's an absolute master of what she does' RICHARD COLES</b><br><br><b>Can you crack the Twyford Code?</b><br><br>Edith Twyford was once a world-famous children's author, but now her only legacy is the rumoured existence of the Twyford Code: a series of clues hidden in her books leading to... what? No one knows - but that hasn't stopped the speculation.<br><br>Steve Smith can trace nearly all the bad things in his life back to Edith Twyford. As a child he found one of her books, covered in strange symbols. He showed it to his teacher, Miss Iles, who was convinced it held the key to the code. Within weeks Miss Iles had disappeared, and Steve has no idea if she is dead or alive - or if she was right. Now he's determined to find out.<br><br>But the Twyford Code hides secrets some would do anything to possess, and Steve isn't the only one on its trail. The race is on to solve the mystery of the century. Could you get there first?<br><br><b>The top ten bestselling cosy crime sensation of the summer from the author of <i>The Appeal</i>, perfect for fans of Richard Osman and S. J. Bennett.</b></p><b>The instant <i>Sunday Times</i> Top 10 paperback bestseller, selling 20,000 copies in first 10 days</b><b>Hallett has aced it... Every page is a joy, with laugh-out-loud moments... The startling final reveal crowns Hallett as the queen of unreliable narrators</b><b>Even better [than <i>The Appeal</i>]... This fiendishly clever book manages to be both tricksy and surprisingly moving</b><b>Hallett swoops in with a bravura final section that sheds new light on everything you've read before and will leave you amazed at her ingenuity. It's all right there in the code</b><b>A tour de force - a genuinely complex puzzle with real clues to be solved... A mind-bending, heartwarming mystery that is not to be missed</b><b>A big-hearted, ingeniously constructed mystery... A book that will engage your emotions as much as your wits</b><b>Such a clever whodunnit, and she's an absolute master of what she does</b><b>A "cancelled" book is at the heart of Hallett's much-acclaimed, complex novel. Elegant, puzzling metafictional writing that pleasurably tasks readers with extricating the truth</b><b>A thoroughly unusual thriller</b><b>I came for the acrostics and stayed for the rich characterisation and sly humour</b><b>A brilliantly clever, deceptive mystery with a unique twist</b><b>If you love a puzzle, you'll enjoy this novel packed full of mystery and intrigue. Perfect for Richard Osman and SJ Bennett fans</b><b>Ingenious</b><b>Enid Blyton meets Agatha Christie with a cracking twist. Witty and wonderful</b><b>A wonderful book, clever and surprisingly compassionate, constantly wrong-footing the reader on its way to an ingenious and wholly satisfying final reveal</b><b>Fiendishly clever... Golden Age Christie-esque puzzle meets <i>The Usual Suspects</i>. Outstanding. Unlike anything you'll ever read</b><p><b><i>The Twyford Code</i> turned my brain inside out. It totally foxed me. So clever and totally brilliant</b></p><p><b>I thoroughly enjoyed it. It really pulls you in, and makes for addictive reading</b></p><b>Filled with numerous clues, acrostics, and red herrings, this thrilling scavenger hunt for the truth is delightfully deceptive and thoroughly immersive</b><b>Addictive</b><b>A peculiar, complex labyrinth where reality and fantasy overlap... Sad, funny, weird, and truly original, this is a hypnotic tale with an extraordinary ending</b><b>An elegant puzzle of a book, which entombs an exquisite little heart</b><b>A multi-layered, multi-voiced mystery unlike anything I've read before. It's packed with tricky clues, red herrings and cunning acrostics, but ultimately it packs an emotional punch you don't see coming</b><b>A highly original, immersive story that draws you in from the very beginning and keeps you thinking. Smithy was a fascinating character with whom it was a pleasure to spend time</b><b>Packed with perplexing puzzles and linguistic legerdemain, but behind that is a poignant tale of redemption</b><b>I absolutely love it. <i>The Secret Seven</i> for grownups</b><b>An ingenious novel that allows the reader to investigate the case themselves. Full of twists and credible characters, I loved every single word</b><b>A superb mystery with true heart at its centre. No one does twists quite like Janice Hallett</b><b>Janice Hallett is a genius at conjuring a whole world through dialogue, and yet there's so much more to it than that. Pure genius</b><b>A stunning book. A fiendishly clever yarn that hooked me from the first line to the final revelation</b><p><b>Just finished the brilliant The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett. It's twisty, clever and deceptive, with clues dropped along the way - although I missed most of them! Loved it!</b></p><b>I read the last fifty pages of <i>The Twyford Code</i> with my mouth hanging open and my brain very close to exploding. There is clever and then there's this. </b>

Product Details

Title: TheTwyford Code
Author: Janice Hallett
SKU: BK0459567
EAN: 9781788165334
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

About Author

Janice Hallett studied English at UCL, and spent several years as a magazine editor, winning two awards for journalism. After gaining an MA in Screenwriting at Royal Holloway, she co-wrote the feature film <i>Retreat</i>. <i>The Appeal </i>is inspired by her lifelong interest in amateur dramatics. Her second novel, <i>The Twyford Code</i>, will be published by Viper in 2022. When not indulging her passion for global adventure travel, she is based in West London.

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