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TheWhite Tiger - Film Tie-in

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Winner of the 2008 Booker Prize, now a major Netflix film starring Priyanka Chopra and Rajkumar R... Read More

Product Description

Winner of the 2008 Booker Prize, now a major Netflix film starring Priyanka Chopra and Rajkumar Rao

Meet Balram Halwai, the 'white tiger': servant, philosopher, entrepreneur, murderer...

Born in a village in the heart of India, the son of a rickshaw puller, Balram is taken out of school and put to work in a teashop. As he crushes coal and wipes tables, he nurses a dream of escape. His big chance comes when a rich landlord hires him as a chauffeur for his son, daughter-in-law, and their two Pomeranian dogs. From behind the wheels of a Honda, Balram sees Delhi and begins to see how the Tiger might escape his cage. For surely any successful man must spill a little blood on his way to the top?

The White Tiger is a tale of two Indias. Balram's journey from the darkness of village life to the light of entrepreneurial success is utterly amoral, brilliantly irreverent, deeply endearing, and altogether unforgettable.

‘Compelling, angry and darkly humorous’—MohsinHamid

‘Blazingly savage and brilliant’—Sunday Telegraph

‘Astonishinglyassured and captivating…It is every bit as good as Bon?re[of the Vanities] andit does for India what that book did for New York City; and possibly whatCharles Dickens did for Victorian Britain.’ —Tablet

‘Richlydetailed storytelling that will captivate his audience…The White Tiger containspassages of startling beauty – from reflections on the exquisite luxury of achandelier in every room, to descriptions of skinny drivers huddled around ?resfueled by plastic bags. Adiga never lets the precision of his languageovershadow the realities at hand: No matter how potent his language one neverloses sight of the men and women fighting impossible odds to survive.’ —San Francisco Chronicle

‘AravindAdiga’s The White Tiger is one of the most powerful books I’ve read in decades.No hyperbole. This debut novel from an Indian journalist living in Mumbai hitme like a kick to the head…This is an amazing and angry novel about injusticeand power.’—USA Today

‘Extremelybold, brilliantly written, but too determined to shock.’ —Nadine Gordimer

‘Therehave been many India books this past year or two, but Aravind Adiga’s debutnovel, which shines a light on India’s vast area of darkness, cuts through theclutter like no other.’—FinancialExpress

‘Fast-paced,drolly funny…Adiga shows an authentic, unforced talent for irreverence and hisbook – almost as if in determined opposition to the “India shining” narratives– chronicles harsher truths… The White Tiger can cut uncomfortably close to thebone…It makes us think about the many Indias and the many types of aspirationsand frustrations they represent, but does this within the framework of anabsorbing novel. It’s an impressive debut.’—Business Standard

‘Oncein a while it happens, that singular voice breaking through the polyphony ofIndia Imagined. A voice that defies the received wisdom of the Great IndianMarketplace of Metaphors and brings to the rustle of the ever-increasing numberof pages a new note of anticipation… Adiga as a storyteller drives on fourthgear… What the white tiger tells the Chinese premier in so many mesmerizing wordsis that he is a rare creature, not as ordinary as “Made in China”. He is rareindeed – in fiction. And Aravind Adiga has only begun the story.’—India Today

‘Ina country teeming with suppressed stories, this is sure to open a Pandora’sbox, unleashing ugliness, beauty, misery and brilliance. Be grateful for it.’—Tehelka

‘Anintelligent and ruthless portrait of the India in the making – shining orrising, but always sinking – shot through with wit and blackhumour that match the author’s economy with words…But the real power of thisbook comes from its total lack of sentimentality and the consequent realism itthus manages… In the course of the narrative, a vivid India breaks through.’ —Indian Express

‘Gritty,bitter, sardonic, nasty and terrifically appetizing.’—The Times of India

‘Abrilliant debut… A marvellous narrator.’—Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

‘An incredible trip intothe dazzling and pulsating heart of India…An unlimited reading pleasure!’ —Stern

Product Details

Title: TheWhite Tiger - Film Tie-in
Author: Aravind Adiga
SKU: BK0451203
EAN: 9789390351138
Language: English

About Author

Aravind Adiga was born in 1974 in Madras and grew up in Mangalore. He was educated at Columbia University in New York and Magdalen College, University of Oxford. His articles have appeared in publications such as the New Yorker, the Sunday Times, Financial Times and the Times of India. His fi rst novel, The White Tiger, won the Man Booker Prize in 2008. His second novel, Last Man in Tower, was published in 2011.

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