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TheWild Wisdom Quiz Book Volume 3

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Established in 1969, World Wide Fund for Nature-India (WWF India) is one of the country's largest... Read More

Product Description

Established in 1969, World Wide Fund for Nature-India (WWF India) is one of the country's largest and most respected conservation organizations. WWF India is a part of the WWF International network, which has a presence in over 100 countries across our planet. Historically, WWF India started as a wildlife conservation organization with a focus on protecting particular species of wild flora and fauna. Over the years, however, its perspective has broadened to reflect a more holistic understanding of the conservation issues that the country faces today, such as the survival of species and habitats, climate change, sustainable livelihoods, sustainable business practices and environmental education. An initiative of WWF India and TRAFFIC India, Wild Wisdom is India's only international-level wildlife quiz.

· Which colour cannot be seen by bees?
· How many hearts does an octopus have?
· What are fossilized dinosaur droppings called?
· Which zoonotic disease spread globally in the year 2020?

Delve deeper into the world of animals and plants with this indispensable quiz book that helps you explore our planet's natural beauty and myriad facets. Based on India's only international-level quiz on wildlife, THE WILD WISDOM QUIZ BOOK VOLUME 3 is packed with exciting new Q&As on biomimicry, evolution, conservation heroes and more, and is interspersed with delightful illustrations. Learn about nature's creative cross-connections and hidden trump cards.

Relevant in today's changing world, this book tells you why it is high time we wise up, wipe the slate clean and achieve a perfect score with the New Deal for Nature and People by 2030 (more on this inside!). Budding wildlife lovers, nature explorers and avid quizzers, prepare yourself for a wild, wise ride!

From reading about a twelve-year-old palaeontologist's fossil discoveries to getting acquainted with wildlife books and authors and more, WWF India's The Wild Wisdom Quiz Book: Volume 3 has given the chess champion in me over 500 new reasons to go all out to protect the queen-Our Planet Earth. A riveting read for all ages

Product Details

Title: TheWild Wisdom Quiz Book Volume 3
Author: WWF India
SKU: BK0437924
EAN: 9780143447559
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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