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This Book Is for You

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Beloved artist Worry Lines shares a sweetly funny and deeply relatable illustrated story about ho... Read More

Product Description

Beloved artist Worry Lines shares a sweetly funny and deeply relatable illustrated story about hope, worry, and chocolate chip cookies.

Worry Lines has captured hearts around the world by posting daily drawings on Instagram. In this book, Worry Lines interweaves these fan-favorites into an entirely new story about the making of the book itself. Charting the creative process from its anxiety-riddled beginning to its (hopefully) hopeful end, This Book Is for You is a charming and honest portrait of worry. 
This book is for you if you are:
1. A Brave Worrier (BW)
2. An Absolute Legend (AL)
3. Anywhere from Mildly Concerned About Something (MCAS) to Deeply Anxious About Everything (DAAE)Fans have described Worry Lines’s drawings as “oddly comforting,” “wonderfully pure,” and “too relatable.” Vulture described them as “tender, gentle and funny.” Vogue went with “uncomplicated” and Preview opted for “cute” and “wobbly.” If Worry Lines had to pick two words to describe themselves, they’d go with “nervous” and “potato.”A Note from the Author

When the good people at Ten Speed Press agreed to publish this book—a collection of my most popular drawings about thoughts, feelings, worry, and empathy framed by a hopeful narrative—I was thrilled. I'd always wanted to make a long-form project and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make something that couldn't exist on the internet—something that only made sense as a book. I was excited to get drawing. 

But almost before I had time to register the excitement, I was overcome by another familiar emotion: worry. 

I've lived with worry my whole life. It has been both a constant companion and a source of complete creative paralysis. I knew that if I allowed myself to worry now, about this book, then this book would not get made. I knew that if I let it, worry would soon dominate the whole project and I could run the risk of jeopardizing not only the book, but my own mental health as well. 

And so I decided, for the first time in my life, that I was not going to let anxiety take control of my project that meant so much to me. The irony of having my own anxiety get in the way of a book about anxiety was not lost on me (or my therapist) so I made the decision that worry was not invited to participate in the making of this book. 

Now, actually putting that decision into practice was of course a real challenge. Did I succeed? Well, reader, let's find out. 

—Worry Lines

Product Details

Title: This Book Is for You
Author: Worry Lines
SKU: BK0454272
EAN: 9781984860262
Language: English

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