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Trial of Identity

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It had been over a century since the world of homo-sapiens had been rewritten, and it all began w... Read More

Product Description

It had been over a century since the world of homo-sapiens had been rewritten, and it all began when the illegal scientific organisation who called themselves as the Cult broke all rules to experiment on humans and create genetically-enhanced humans who harnessed the traits of the gene of the mammal combined with their human gene. Though, anthromorphs were still humans with special characteristics and abilities, their enhanced anatomy either provokes envy or awe among Homo-sapiens towards them. Advancement in Science had an inverse proportionate relationship with humanity, the barriers broken in the field of Science only created more barriers around the term ‘HUMANITY’. Naive and isolated, Kate Parker believed that the solution to dealing all problems that she couldn’t handle, lies in just ignoring them. Growing Up as the only child of two A-list Hollywood stars, limelight had always been like standing on the thresholds of a glorified prison cell. No secret remains hidden forever. As Kate begins her college years along with her childhood friends, the Allyson twins, in Vampextiats University, her introduction to Bianthromorph, James Taylor drives her on edge in a never-ending timeline. No matter which century we lived in, there is always a presence of differentiation and discrimination thriving in our society. Even among anthromorphs, bianthromorphs were always shunned due their fate of losing their humane mind when their their dual animalistic genes overpowered the human part.

Every moment she watched James being shunned for his mere existence, she couldn’t help but panic. Was it because she cared for him? She could no longer keep her usual clueless demeanour when he starts prying on things that unravel her buried secrets unearthly giving her an unknown sense of belonging. Was it because she was scared he knew something about that he shouldn’t have? What did the bot who was isolated by everyone have against the girl who isolated herself? Most Of All, how she was going to handle it when The Cult starts targeting her secret as their key to achieve their Goal? How was she going to discover herself in a world which was failing to distinguish between right and wrong? How was one supposed to find themselves in a world burning to erupt in chaos?

Product Details

Title: Trial of Identity
Author: Elise Swain
Publisher: The Write Place
ISBN: 9789389058284
SKU: BK0435599
EAN: 9789389058284
Language: English
Place of Publication: India
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : 18 years and up

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