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What Millennials Want

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Vivan Marwaha is a user researcher who works on technology projects in emerging markets. A millen... Read More

Product Description

Vivan Marwaha is a user researcher who works on technology projects in emerging markets. A millennial himself, he cares deeply about understanding India and its future through its youth. He has lived and worked in New Delhi, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Buenos Aires, and has written for the Washington Post, New Statesman, Mint, and Times of India, among other publications.

India is one of the youngest countries in the world and the generation of millennials make up for over 400 million people. This is the largest generation of people in the world.

That means that the choices and trajectory of this generation have pivotal consequences on local, regional, and global politics and economics. So the important question is: What do Indian millennials want? What are their economic aspirations and their social views? Most importantly, what makes them tick?

It's 2021 and more than 84% of them reported having an arranged marriage, and 65% listed a government job as their top priority. So are millennials really any different from previous generations?

In What Millennials Want, Vivan Marwaha documents the aspirations and anxieties of these young people scattered across more than 30,000 kilometers in 13 Indian states. Combining an expansive dataset along with personal anecdotes, he narrates an intimate biography of India's millennials, investigating their attitudes towards sex, marriage, employment, religion, and politics.

What Millennials Want is an interesting and engaging perspective on Indian millennials. Vivan Marwaha takes a magnifying glass to the aspirations and challenges of young Indians in towns and cities, documenting their place in India's future. The future the millennials hope to buildGenerous in detail and impeccably researched, Vivan's book 'What Millennials Want' should be the quintessential read to understand how to harness India's 'demographic dividend'. The engaging narrative takes you through inner and outer landscapes of what Indian millennials think and feel, with many surprising insights. Vivan plays both scholarly guide and amiable travel companion with pleasing results. This book not only offers an enlightened view of this generation - but prescriptive solutions for Indian Millennials' unmet aspirations and lost opportunities which can only come from an author's passion for his contradictory subjects and for the contradictory nature of India.Vivan Marwaha has written a compelling, detailed, and intimate biography of the young Indians who will define India's future. A fascinating look into one of the world's largest groups of people - Indian millennials - this book is a must read for all those interested in the economic destiny of India, Asia, and perhaps the world.What Millennials Want is a timely and urgent work of scholarship. Taking us on a journey across the length and breadth of India, approaching young Indian life through a variety of lenses, Vivan Marwaha takes a bold step toward decoding the dreams and fears of what he terms "the largest generation in the world". Eminently readable and utterly fascinating.What Millennials Want is a surprisingly pessimistic reminder of how little India has changed.

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Title: What Millennials Want
SKU: BK0453407
EAN: 9780670092857
Language: English
Binding: Hardcover

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