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Why Is the Sky Blue?

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Emily Dodd is a screenwriter for the CBeebies science programme Nina and the Neurons. She's also ... Read More

Product Description

Emily Dodd is a screenwriter for the CBeebies science programme Nina and the Neurons. She's also the author of previous DK science titles Why Is Blood Red? and DKfindout! Energy.

This enthralling children's encyclopedia answers more than 200 questions that curious kids ask about science.

Why does chocolate melt? Where does wind come from? How do we know dinosaurs existed? This fully-updated, fact-packed kids' book answers all kinds of questions children have about how the world works, and some they haven't even thought of!

Children ages 7-9 can enjoy learning about all aspects of science, from animals, plants, and the human body, to forces and magnets, light, sound, and space. Each page asks a new question, and answers it with clear, simple text alongside amazing pictures, providing engaging information to help kids understand all the basics of biology, chemistry, and physics. DK's Why is the sky blue? is the ideal science book to spark curiosity and amaze any child interested in the world of scientific discovery.

This fascinating science encyclopedia for kids features:

- More than 200 questions about science, such as "What is a metal?" and "How do we see colours?" in an engaging question and answer format
- Information presented in bite-sized chunks, and images clearly captioned and labelled in classic DK style
- Six chapters, covering: the living world, the human body, the material world, energy, forces and movement, and our planet
- "Quick quiz" boxes that allow the reader to test their friends and family on trivia about scientific concepts

This revised edition of DK's science encyclopedia includes the latest discoveries in scientific exploration and answers children's biggest questions about scientific exploration! Young minds can learn all about forces and energy, materials, the human body, the living world, and our planet.

Product Details

Title: Why Is the Sky Blue?
Author: Emily Dodd
SKU: BK0463521
EAN: 9780241603888
Language: English

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