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Wonder Womaniya

Release date: 25 December 2022
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She was witty. She was a fearless hurricane, a rare bird with a sole plan - The Mysterious M3 - M... Read More

Product Description

She was witty. She was a fearless hurricane, a rare bird with a sole plan - The Mysterious M3 - Memes, Momos, Munnas. Jumping off a cliff was easier than tricking her, but she fell for him madly. Her life turned upside down when she was diagnosed with a bizarre disease. Destiny had plotted her happiness on a seismograph, and before she coped with the catastrophe, she was dealt another blow - a blot on her escutcheon. The Richter's scale shuddered at the magnitude of her melancholy; however, the bizarre disease emerged as a blessing in disguise, and she served mankind for years. Tag her fate a tragical comedy or a comical tragedy, but she was The Chosen One, The Goddess, The Woman Of The Decade! Who was this Wonder Womaniya? Would she get him back? What was her Mysterious M3 about? How would she serve mankind?

Product Description

DR. Sohil Makwana

‘Clubbing the art of science and the science of art, Dr. Sohil is hailed to be the Stephan King of India.’

- Mid-day

‘Absolutely Compelling. Through Wonder Womaniya, Dr. Sohil Makwana tells an untold tale.’

- India Today

‘A riveting, fast-paced, and laugh-out-loud tale. The Wonder Womaniya by Dr. Sohil Makwana is the story of hope and life, the heroism that comes with humanity, and the inevitable strife that accompanies every woman’s life. Inspirational and outstanding, this book is must-read for women.’

- The Times Of India

‘Remarkable. Wonder Womaniya by Dr. Sohil is one of the most sensational women-centric books released in the last decade. Dr. Sohil’s knowledge as a doctor lends the immediacy of treating patients to his writing the medical fiction, but it is his richly detailed storytelling and humour captivates his readers.’

- International Business Times

Wonder Womaniya

India Today

Wonder Womaniya 3D Book

Wonder Womaniya IB Times


Depressed woman



"Travelling in public transport in our country is all about protecting your private parts from random strangers."

- Wonder Womaniya

“If your husband gives you roses for no reason, there must be a reason.”

- Wonder Womaniya

“This queen has built her kingdom, and she is the king.”

- Wonder Womaniya

“Remember! We, women, are fragile, but not like a flower. We are fragile like a grenade. Agar fatt gaye… To tabaah kar denge!”

- Wonder Womaniya


“Wada pav is the second most demanding thing in Maharashtra….” A stand-up comedian Sarcasm Queen revealed her punchline, “…Monitor lizard remains the first.”

“Woooooo…” The audience cheered over her sarcasm.

“Arey! Sahi to he!” She talked on, “Jis desh main monitor lizard bhi safe nahi to fir how can a woman be safe?”

The crowd gathered for the celebration of International Women’s Day at the Connaught Hall, Jhansi, erupted in cheers and applause.

She added, “Yuck! Muje to lizard dekh ke hi vomit aa jaye…”

“Puking…” A chubby young girl in the audience corrected her.

“What? What did you say?” Sarcasm Queen asked her.


“Aawwwww! Monisha Beta puke bolo…. This vomiting is just too middle class.”

“Ha. Ha. Ha!” The audience burst out laughing.

She let them enjoy themselves for a while. And, she delivered, “But really! Just imagine! What 'pleasure' the lizard must have got having 'fun' with four ‘masculine’ men!”


“Lizard would be like…. Thank God, aaj short skirt paheni thi, tabhi to char launde mere pass aye. Saree pahenti to mazaa hi nahi aata…”

A wave of applause washed across the room.

“Sahi main yaar! Kya mard the…” She kept speaking on behalf of the lizard, “Mere vala lizard to bilkul fuddu hai… Sirf hawa main hi tongue hilata raheta hai…!”

“Ha. Ha. Ha!”

“Lekin isme in char laundo ki kya galati? Jawani ka josh tha; ho gaya… Mard log khush… Inhe to salo se yahi sikhaya gaya hai…..” she drawled sarcastically, “….Chalti hai kya nau se barah….?”


“The only way of luring audiences devised by the Indian film industry is to objectify women, romanticise eve-teasing, harassment, and stalking.” She sings the latest hit, “Okay… Okay… Okay… Maana tu hai sick…. Jaha se hona chahiye wahi se hai tu thick…” She took a pause and clapped, “Wow!! So much body positivity, Badshah! Hats off to you!”

She added, “And then he openly encourages toxic masculinity by confessing that he is the kind of a guy, all the mothers warn their daughters about.” She gulped, and talked on, “Jis tarah se sari mummy ji ladkiyon ko warn karti hai na…. Usi tarah sare daddy ji ko bhi apne saputo ko sikhana chahiye ki aurato ka sammaan kaise karte hai. But who cares? Yaha to uncle log khud hi tharak king bane pade hai.”

An embarrassed man swivelled his gaze and looked at his shoes.

“Hai tujhpe right mera… Tu hai delight mera… Tera rasta jo rokoon chaunkne ka nahin.” She talked on, “Dude! Don’t you know about consent?” She sighed and added, “Come on guys! Women are not any decorative pieces.”

“Absolutely,” a nerd girl nodded confidently.

Upar se aajkal to ek latest siyapa chalu hua hai…. Sharing my personal experience,” she winked and added, “My ex and I had an amazing courtship for four years, and then, ek din… Achanak se… Uske andar 3 Idiots vala R. Madhavan jaag utha.”

“R. Madhavan?”

“Yes! Achanak se… Aur bola… Caste differences…. ABBA NAHI MAANENGE!”


Murdrum Duo logy


"Meet such an outstanding character, Komal Majbootsingh Rathod, the female protagonist of forensic crime-thriller duo-logy MURDRUM created by Dr. Sohil Makwana.

The first installment of the Murdrum series packs a winning formula, by frightening, enchanting, disturbing, and intriguing its readers all at once. Any reader who tries to guess the plot and storyline what will happen next is more than likely to be wrong. The thriller blended with humor picks up from page one and gives you spine chilling ride. Three pages before the end, Dr. Sohil throws a huge twist. The second last page transforms your hate into love, and on the last page, he leaves you on a mind-blowing cliffhanger. What a ride!

The second part, Murdrum 2: Double Trouble starts with a bang. By now, the total body count has reached 26, and Komal is still determined about getting this mystery solved. She makes use of various high-end forensic technologies to decode the mystery behind the two blue dots and the second part is so gripping and well written that you could complete the book in a single day. It would leave you with a wave of shock to know who the killer was, and what was the hidden message behind his cipher saying "SAW NOTHING"."

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Wonder Womaniya Flag

‘Dr. Sohil Makwana sets a new benchmark.’

- The Tribune

‘Dr. Sohil Makwana! Don’t be surprised if you see this name on the silver screen anytime soon.’

- The New Indian Express

‘Dr. Sohil Makwana has created a meandering roller-coaster ride with sharp notches and sudden falls just like an ECG.’

- The Pioneer

‘I was acquainted with Sohil's writing with his smashing debut novel, Murdrum. Sohil has an eye for detail that few other writers in his genre possess.’

- Author Neil D’Silva

‘A stunning accomplishment, ‘Wonder Womaniya’ is a funny, sad, and compelling. It’s an inspiring testament to women’s courage and hope and recovery.’

- Suman Chellani, Miss India Intercontinental



Product Details

Title: Wonder Womaniya
Publisher: Dr. Sohil Makwana
SKU: BK0472233
EAN: 9789357373586
Number Of Pages: 208
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : 13 years and up
Country Of Origin: India
Release date: 25 December 2022

About Author

Covid-19 taught us the real value of many essential things that, from our privileged point of view, we have always taken for granted. One such human, who was unrelenting in his pursuit of keeping his patients safe and helping Indians battle the pandemic, is Dr. Sohil Makwana. Regular social media users might recall the viral image of a doctor sharing his version of the ‘life inside the PPE suit’. The viral image that was covered by media channels all over the country contrasted a doctor’s pic inside the PPE suit and one outside it, the latter completely drenched in sweat after a day-long work.

Dr. Sohil Makwana (MBBS, MD) is as engaged in creative pursuits as he is in scientific ones. He is a man who dons many hats. When not spending time with his patients, he relishes his role as a fashion photographer, humorist, assistant director, screenwriter, fitness expert, and most recently a novelist.

He believes in the pursuit of knowledge and knows in his heart that one can never stop learning. His knowledge and expertise in the field of medicine, and his curiosity in world affairs enable him to craft fast-paced thrillers that reflect both his profession and passion.

Expert in medicine and textpert in creating mystery, Dr. Sohil Makwana believes learning never ends. His extreme enthusiasm to explore novel ideas steered him to become versatile. He enjoys clubbing the science of art and art of science in his stories. With a pinch of humour, he blends the actual life events and his medical knowledge to bring forth a powerful and intense thriller. Describing his unique patients’ struggles and sometimes uncanny gifts, Dr. Sohil Makwana wants to introduce bizarre diseases to the general audience with the help of humanised and demystified characters.

Further, he had donated all his author earnings to the youngest Covid warrior Apexa who has lost her parents while working in pandemic.

Recently, he is given a reputed Heroes Behind The Heroes award by Sony Entertainment. And, being an inspirational icon, he is awarded by iconic gold awards.

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