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Would You Rather? Questions for Couples

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Enjoy quality time with your partner with these hilarious, thought-provoking, and straight-up sil... Read More

Product Description

Enjoy quality time with your partner with these hilarious, thought-provoking, and straight-up silly questions for couples.

Would you rather give people the ability to read your thoughts or see your internet search history? Ditch the same-old, boring couples’ activities—and learn what makes your partner tick—as you consider fun questions like this one. From deciding between two equally questionable choices to debating which impossible scenario you’d rather be stuck in, these Would You Rather questions will keep the conversation flowing, make you laugh hysterically, and strengthen your bond. 
Use Would You Rather? Questions for Couples to:
Get playful—and weird. Questions span topics from everyday choices and embarrassing moments to wild adventures involving celebrities, time travel, and the supernatural. There’s truly something for everyone.
Spark hours of conversation. With over 250 questions, you’ll have plenty of material for interesting debates anytime, anywhere. You’ll be surprised just how much you learn about each other’s thinking, perspectives, and priorities.  
Up the ante. Feeling competitive? Use our suggestions to turn these questions into a game for two, complete with stakes, points, and prizes.
Win partner points. This book will help you foster a deeper connection with your significant other, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift, or date-night companion.
 “My wife and I have been together for ten years, but somehow I never knew her stance on which animal should be given the right to vote. I didn’t realize I needed this information, but I see now that I was wrong. This book is not just fun. It’s necessary.”
—Avery Monsen, actor, High Maintenance, and coauthor of All My Friends Are Dead

“You and your partner won’t want to miss this book, which is packed to the gills with conversation-starting questions ranging from the surreal to the sublime. Or maybe you’re single and you just want to read it on the can by yourself while imagining what your soulmate would say. All are welcome!”
—Branson Reese, author of Hell Was Full and creator of Swan Boy on FX

“I could spend hours debating and dissecting any one of these questions! I’m actually looking forward to the next time my boyfriend and I are stuck in traffic because now we have this book!”
—Shannon Odell, PhD, cohost of The Science of Self-Care podcast
“Not only is Would You Rather? Questions for Couples fun with your partner and friends, it forces deep introspection that can lead you to what you really want in life. It also exposes where you both stand on soggy sandwiches.”
—Jenn de la Vega, professional chef and author of Showdown: Comfort Food, Chili & BBQSanji Moore is a Brooklyn-based writer, creator of As You ’Wich (a game about sandwiches), and certified human resources professional. She enjoys traveling, knitting, crocheting, cooking, baking, and playing pranks on her husband. When she’s not being a little devil, she’s playing games on her phone and watching period dramas on TV with her best friend and dog, Pepper.

Taylor Moore is the founder of Fortunate Horse, the studio behind the award-winning podcasts Rude Tales of Magic, Fun City, and Oh These, Those Stars of Space, TruTV’s Sex Your Food series, and Fortunate Horse magazine, a magazine for, and about, fortunate horses. You can follow or yell at him online at @taylordotbiz. Any comments or criticisms about the questions in this book can be directed to his assistant, Pepper.

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Title: Would You Rather? Questions for Couples
Author: Sanji MooreTaylor Moore
SKU: BK0470510
EAN: 9780593436103
Language: English

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