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Lily King is one of our great literary treasures and Writers & Lovers is suffused with her br... Read More

Product Description

Lily King is one of our great literary treasures and Writers & Lovers is suffused with her brilliance. It is captivating, potent, incisive, and wise, a moving story of grief, and recovering from grief, and of a young woman finding her courage for lifeExquisite . . . a warm and buoyant romanceWriters & Lovers made me happy . . . suffused with hopefulness and kindness. Lily King writes with a great generosity of spirit.A wry and perceptive coming-of-age storyA novel with the broad embrace of a 1990s Richard Curtis film . . . There’s romance, there’s a moral journey and there are characters with amusing foibles. What’s more, the gags are impeccable. It’s a story sweetly poised between hard truths and hilarity, in which the heroine discovers she has what it takes to not only endure but prevail. And that’s a message we all need in these difficult times.I loved this book from the first paragraph . . . honest and riveting and insightful about creativity and life.Delightful . . . warm, funny and sharply observed . . . an affecting, uplifting exploration of the risks and rewards of opening upMy favourite of Lily King's books so far. Exuberant and affirming, it's funny and immensely clever, emotionally rare and strong. I feel bereft now I've finishedUnflinching and ultimately buoyant in its depiction of the courage and grit required to stay creative, this is essential reading for any aspiring authorGorgeousThis smooth, deliberate chronicle of creation keeps the men in their place and Casey firmly rooted at the center of her own story. Instead of casting her as a woman torn between archetypes of male creativity, Writers & Lovers portrays her as a woman in thrall to her own generative processes, a devotee to the art of (her own) attention . . . a classic bildungsroman for struggling artists everywhere.King has created . . . someone akin to Sally Rooney’s Frances in Conversations with Friends . . . The novel is a meditation on trying itself: to stay alive, to love, to care. That point feels so fresh, so powerfully diametrically opposed to the readily available cynicism we’ve been feasting on . . . King wants us to keep trying, through whatever means necessary, to beat the odds.A knowing look at the pursuit of a life in the arts, with a protagonist you’ll root for.A comic and compassionate novel . . . With wit and what reads like deep insider wisdom, Ms. King captures the chronic low-level panic of taking a leap into the artsy unknown and finding yourself adrift, without land or rescue in sight.This novel will become a defining classic for struggling young writers.Intimate and vulnerable . . . Lily King’s novel follows a deeply relatable protagonist navigating a whole menu of crises surrounded by a cast of genuine, vivid characters . . . The book occupies a small space, but packs it to the brim with humanity.Lily King writes masterfully about desire and loss, creativity and inspiration, and how each overlaps and influences the otherWriters & Lovers stole my heart from its first pages. I am in love with this book. In. Love. This deep dive of a novel will stay with me foreverA vivid, funny and altogether real look at what living a creative life means for a womanRomantic and funny, this smart, witty book takes a wonderfully life-affirming look at love, literature and second chances.A smart, witty bookWitty and affecting, Writers & Lovers explores where grit can get you, even when everything appears to be falling apart.If you like smart, acerbic but ultimately life-affirming fiction, you’ll love itInfused with tenderness and wry wit in equal measure, Writers & Lovers is King’s best book yet.Puzzling and beautiful . . . Reading the book feels like waiting for clouds to break – a kind of gorgeous agonySmart, funny and a breeze to readKing’s writing is spirited, clever and funny, and her novel is better than most others you’ll read this year.This book!!! I beg you to read it, I love it madly! It's touching and clever and the main character is so loveable!Wise, witty and generous-spirited . . . She’s brilliant on the trials and tribulations of restaurant workers and the struggles of aspiring writers, complete with rejection letters and constant doubt that their novels are any goodA wry and funny account of a thirtysomething’s struggles to become a novelist that deliciously sends up puffed-up male writerly egos along its waySmart, funny . . . somehow combining a crowd-pleasing literary romcom with a portrait of devastating grief. I loved its beautiful writing and light, intelligent handling of human fragility.Dangerously romantic, bold and fearless enough to imagine the possibility of unbounded happiness . . . this story of a grieving, struggling writer torn between two suitors delivers such pure joy that there may be no surer antidote to 2020’s woes.Romance, humour, a touch of tragedy, Writers & Lovers has what you want from a good, involving readKing’s tender, romantic novel is an uplifting account of loss, literature and the redeeming power of loveIt deals with grief in a way that makes you feel as if your hand is being heldFor fans of Sally Rooney and David Mitchell, Writers & Lovers is the insightful novel from Lily King, the author of the New York Times Bestseller Euphoria.

Funny and heartbreaking, Writers & Lovers by Lily King is the bitingly clever story of Casey, a young writer who has lost her direction in life, until two men step into her world and offer her two very different futures.

The New York Times Bestseller

‘Captivating, potent, incisive, and wise’ – Madeline Miller, author of Circe
‘Extremely funny’ – Sunday Times

Recently out of a devastating love affair and mourning the loss of her beloved mum, Casey is lost. The novel she has been writing for six years isn’t going anywhere, her debt is soaring, and at thirty-one, with all her friends getting married and having kids, she feels too old for things to be this way.

Then she meets Silas. He is kind, handsome, interested. But only a few weeks later, Oscar – older, fascinating, troubled – walks into her life, his two boys in tow. Suddenly Casey finds herself at the point of a love triangle, torn between two very different relationships that promise two very different futures. And she’s still got to write that book . . .

‘Suffused with hopefulness and kindness’ – Ann Patchett
‘Exquisite’ – Sunday Telegraph
‘Funny and immensely clever’ – Tessa Hadley
‘Beautiful . . . Reading the book feels like waiting for clouds to break – a kind of gorgeous agony’ – Guardian
‘I loved this book’ – Curtis Sittenfeld

Lily King is the author of Writers & Lovers, The Pleasing Hour, The English Teacher, Father of the Rain and Euphoria. Euphoria was a New York Times bestseller and won the Kirkus Prize and the New England Book Award for Fiction. It was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. King is also the recipient of a Whiting Writers' Award and has twice won both the Maine Fiction Award and the New England Book Award. She lives with her husband and children in Maine, USA.

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Title: Writers & Lovers
SKU: BK0461536
EAN: 9781529033137
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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