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You Are Simply Perfect! A Mindfulness and Self-Awareness Guide for Tweens and Teens

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Sadia Saeed is a psychologist with over two decades of experience of working with schools, corpor... Read More

Product Description

Sadia Saeed is a psychologist with over two decades of experience of working with schools, corporates, child guidance centres and hospitals. A TEDx speaker, Sadia is the founder of Inner Space, a mental health platform that focuses on psychotherapy, teaching self-awareness and wisdom programmes, and training organizations in mental health and wellness practices. Her core approach to mental health and emotional resilience rests on cultivating a deep understanding of one's own nature, creating space for personal growth and change, and developing compassion for oneself and others.

A self-help guide-cum-journal for self-exploration

Jealousy. Bullying. Anger. Anxiety. Body image issues. Selfies and social media addiction . . . Are you grappling with any of these?

Let's be honest, juggling school, extra classes, home, friendships and new relationships can be hard. It's difficult to find balance and really, really tough not to get affected by the 'happy' content we see online. But what is genuine happiness vis-à-vis short-term pleasure? Are we even looking for it in the right place?

Written by a renowned psychologist, this beautifully illustrated book is divided into five parts that will help in easing everyday anxieties. Learn to make friends with yourself, your body, mind and feelings, and to deal with difficult emotions and situations.

You Are Simply Perfect! will equip you with life-changing tools to find contentment--in school and outside. Find your own quiet spaces inside this book with journal pages left for you to write and reflect.


· Guided step-by-step wisdom solutions
· Empowering prompts and meditation practices
· Interesting anecdotes
· Plenty of mindfulness exercises to encourage self-reflection
· A perfect gift and keepsake

We all need to learn to identify with our goodness, our wisdom, our confidence: this is the key to success. Sadia's advice helps all of us-not just young people-do exactly that! I rejoiceUniversal compassion, driven by wisdom, is the leading panacea for the world-this is the quintessence of Sadia's book. I deeply appreciate the author for bringing this legacy before the worldA remarkable exercise in the development of self-awareness for the youngsters through stories and Buddhist psychological techniques of mindfulness, involving listening, reflecting and meditating that will help dissolve the negativities of their limiting thoughts, emotions and actionsSadia brings a rare combination of empathy and experience to her writing, drawing from decades of her work as a therapist. What becomes clear from the first page onwards is that she really cares about people. This is a book I would pick for my loved ones-and for myself-as a guide to mindful livingRecasting the idea of "friendship" in a radical way, this book unfolds a profound truth-that we can be friends with the world, if we first truly learn to befriend ourselves. Artfully, compassionately and in deceptively simple ways, Sadia shows us how to do that. In doing so, she speaks to the hidden pandemic of our times-anxiety and depression, especially amongst our younger generationsEven though this book is a must-read for teens, it speaks to all of us who want to befriend and love ourselves. Through everyday stories and simple exercises, it demystifies self-love as a practice that we can get better at by taking small little steps every day. The gentle words and insights make you want to hug yourself after every few pages!The book is well-written in easy steps for the reader to follow. You Are Simply Perfect! is a much-needed guide for teenagers and adults alike-so much of who we are is conditioned, leaving our minds restless. Mindfulness, if practised sincerely, can have enormous benefits in bringing clarity and peace to the inner being-and I would strongly recommend that the contents of this book be integrated in our daily life practices. Sadia, your clarity of thoughts flows through beautifully and makes me glad that you decided to pen down your insights and share it for the benefit of othersA practical book that integrates Buddhist wisdom with contemporary life in a simple and accessible format. Sadia's experience as a psychologist reflects in the pragmatic and reader-centric approach used in the book. Her writing style is warm, non-formal and is aimed for a young reader. However, the book has a universal appeal and adults will have much to gain from it as well. The reader will especially benefit from the practices of meditation and mindfulness described in relation to dealing with difficult emotionsSadia Saeed's book You Are Simply Perfect! is the calming balm every teenager needs. It engages them to think deeper, accept themselves and grow through this process of thought and reflection, rather than talk down to them. It introduces practices of meditation and mindfulness that I hope will guide readers through their livesFor a generation born with gadgets, struggling with focus and concentration, in a world that changes every nano second, this is not just a book, but a transformation for empowerment from cover to cover that allows us to know that there is this tiny speck, but the most important of them all and that is YOU: your mind, feelings, body are all in your charge and things don't happen to you, but how you can make them happen for you.

Product Details

Title: You Are Simply Perfect! A Mindfulness and Self-Awareness Guide for Tweens and Teens
Author: Sadia Saeed
SKU: BK0446987
EAN: 9780143446156
Language: English
Binding: Paperback

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