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All Star Batman Vol. 2: Ends of the Earth

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New York Times best-selling writer Scott Snyder, author of such instant-classic BATMAN graphic no... Read More

Product Description

New York Times best-selling writer Scott Snyder, author of such instant-classic BATMAN graphic novels as THE COURT OF OWLS, DEATH OF THE FAMILY and ENDGAME, joins forces with an all-star lineup of comics’ top artists to bring the madness and menace of some of the Dark Knight’s greatest villains into the modern era with ALL-STAR BATMAN VOL. 2: ENDS OF THE EARTH (Rebirth).
Join Snyder and his frequent collaborator Jock (BATMAN: THE BLACK MIRROR) as they plunge into the icy heart of darkness with Mr. Freeze. Eat the forbidden fruit offered by the sinister and seductive Poison Ivy in a tale illustrated by Tula Lotay (BODIES). Take a journey to the far side of sanity with the Mad Hatter through art by comics superstar Giuseppe Camuncoli (BATMAN: EUROPA). Then, finally, the demonic mind behind these master criminals’ apocalyptic ambitions is revealed...
He is Gotham City’s guardian. He is the Justice League’s Dark Knight. He is Batman, one of the most iconic characters in history. But without his equally classic foes, his legend would be incomplete.
ALL-STAR BATMAN VOL. 2: ENDS OF THE EARTH (Rebirth) is Batman at his best—and his villains at their worst! Collects issues #6-9 of the ongoing series, including the conclusion to “The Cursed Wheel” drawn by Francesco Francavilla (BATMAN: THE BLACK MIRROR)."A damn fun--and beautiful--ride." --PASTE MAGAZINE

"This comic is  awesome. There was always an element of bombastic spectacle to balance the strong horror elements in BATMAN, but ALL-STAR BATMAN sees Snyder doubling down on explosive, dynamic action, brought to the page with incredible energy by penciler John Romita Jr., inker Danny Miki, and colorist Dean White." --A.V. CLUB/THE ONION

"Snyder and Romita have produced a riveting first issue and given us, here, at the so-called end of times, the Batman we so desperately need." --POPMATTERS

"An energetic set-up aimed right at the thematic allure that Two-Face has had over the decades." --IO9

"Romita's pages deliver a nonstop stream of superhero carnage." --IGN

"Entertaining. Art is eye-pleasing and easy to read." --NERDIST

"...there's a gritty gutsiness to [ALL-STAR BATMAN]." --NewsaramaScott Snyder is a #1 NEW YORK TIMES best-selling writer and one of the most critically acclaimed scribes in all of comics. His works include ALL-STAR BATMAN, BATMAN, BATMAN: ETERNAL, SUPERMAN UNCHAINED, AMERICAN VAMPIRE and SWAMP THING. He has also been published in ZOETROPE, TIN HOUSE, ONE-STORY, EPOCH, SMALL SPIRAL NOTEBOOK, and other journals, and has a short story collection, VOODOO HEART, which was published by Dial Press. He teaches at Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence University and lives in New York with his wife, Jeanie, and his son, Jack Presley.

Product Details

Title: All Star Batman Vol. 2: Ends of the Earth
Author: Scott SnyderJock
SKU: BK0419791
EAN: 9781401277895
Language: English

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