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Be Your Own Leadership Coach

Release date: 21 November 2023
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Leadership is challenging. There are many complex problems to work through, decisions to be made ... Read More

Product Description

Leadership is challenging. There are many complex problems to work through, decisions to be made and priorities to juggle. And, by the time you are in a leadership role, there seems to be an expectation that you should know exactly what to do and how to do it.

This is where having an experienced leadership coach comes in – someone who can help and support you through the many challenges of leadership. But what happens when you can’t access a coach? Who do you turn to?

Be Your Own Leadership Coach brings that coach to you. Within these pages you’ll learn powerful self-coaching strategies to support you in leading yourself and others. Learn how to: * build your self-awareness and lead as you * design your goals and support your motivation * manage your time and energy * consciously communicate and build your listening skills * lead with kindness and empower others * shape your leadership impact to be positive, motivating and long lasting.

Built on evidence-based positive psychology, lived leadership experience and over 2000 hours of one-on-one coaching, Be Your Own Leadership Coach is a one-stop shop for leaders to drive their own professional development and lead as their best selves – anytime, anywhere.


Product Details

Title: Be Your Own Leadership Coach
Author: Karen Stein
Publisher: Macmillan
SKU: BK0483639
EAN: 9788119300914
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Release date: 21 November 2023

About Author

Karen Stein is an experienced Professional Certified Executive Coach and Partner of Deloitte, where she has assisted senior leaders with attaining their professional goals for the past 25 years. With over 2,000 one-on-one coaching hours, Karen has a unique perspective on the intersection of coaching psychology (obtained through her Master of Science in Coaching Psychology) and lived leadership experience. Karen appears as a guest speaker on podcasts, presents at keynotes and writes and shares articles with her network.

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