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Chanakya: The Kingmaker And The Philosopher

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"A learned man and a king are not equal, as the former is respected everywhere, but the latter on... Read More

Product Description

"A learned man and a king are not equal, as the former is respected everywhere, but the latter only in his own dominions."

Canny, contemplative and courageous, Chanakya is known as one of India's most multifaceted and enduring gurus. His smart, sage advice, captured forever in the twin classic treatises — the Arthashastra and the Nitishastra - has both the detailing of a draughtsman and the wide-ranging wisdom of a genius. Scholar, teacher, visionary, political strategist, economic philosopher and royal adviser, Chanakya put forth invaluable lessons that changed the course of history.

Humiliated by Dhana Nanda, the ruler of Magadha, Chanakya turned adversity into strength and challenge into opportunity. Through clever diplomatic manoeuvres and wise confrontations, he choreographed young Chandragupta's rise as the founder of the Mauryan empire, the first of its kind in power and territorial extent. Melding his knowledge with a shrewd observance of life, Chanakya outlined political and economic philosophies in a long-lasting body of pithy truths. And that is why, centuries later, his work and his words matter in today's world.

This book brings together the transformative incidents that shaped Chanakya's life, and his most important sayings. From his understanding of the ideal way of life, you too can learn to be a little bit like Chanakya.

PLUS * Flipbook action page corner for a touch of fun

* Timeline: A chronology of Chanakya's life

* Bonus Teachings!: A hundred tactical tips from Chanakya's treasury of wisdom

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Product Details

Title: Chanakya: The Kingmaker And The Philosopher
Author: Anu Kumar
Publisher: Hachette India
ISBN: 9789350096925
SKU: BK0377532
EAN: 9789350096925
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Anu Kumar has studied history and management and, more recently, done a Master’s in Fine Arts (Writing Fiction) from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, USA. She writes for readers of all ages. Her first fictional works for children were three books featuring Atisa, a young detective who travels through history on a specially designed balloon. Her books for children published by Hachette India include The Mahatma and the Monkeys, Chanakya: The Kingmaker and the Philosopher, Sarojini Naidu: The Nightingale and the Freedom Fighter, Vivekananda: The Monk and the Reformer, twelve short books of the Myth Quest series, and Wonder Kids: 100 Children Who Grew Up to Be Champions of Change.

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