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Denim Made Dainty

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WHAT CAN YOU MAKE FROM THIS KIT? - Denim is an interesting fabric with a fascinating texture and ... Read More

Product Description

WHAT CAN YOU MAKE FROM THIS KIT? - Denim is an interesting fabric with a fascinating texture and soft feel. It is great to create useful items and gifts out of denim since the fabric is so unique. All you need is some fabric glue, fabric paint, artificial jewels, and lace. Using the components in this Toykraft Art and Craft you can make 3 useful denim-based items - pencil/stationery pouch, a mobile/ spectacle case and you won’t believe it – even a stylish sling bag.
WHAT DOES THIS DIY KIT CONTAIN? - All the art and craft materials required are provided in this Toykraft Craft set for girls. These are denim fabric pieces, Non-stitch fabric glue, velcro, white 3D- Outliner, Sling cord, pattern design sheets, buttons and embellishments along with an instruction manual. The contents will enable one to make three denim utility items.
HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS DENIM HANDBAG? Trace out the pattern sheets on the denim fabric pieces and cut accordingly. This is followed by checking out the instructions on how to use fabric glue into sticking the cut denim pieces. The white highlighter tube can be used for making designs and these really stand out against the blue background. Embellishments including buttons are stuck on the bag followed by sticking the sling cord using fabric glue.
WHAT DO YOU LEARN? - This Toykraft art and craft activity kit teaches youngsters in making these very creative DIY denim dainties They can express both their artistic talent and craft skills in a very creative and expressive manner. Moreover, you get to make 3 smart and useful items. Denim DIY utilities are very popular with teenage girls. The items made gives you an opportunity to display your Art and Crafts in your personal way.
IDEAL HOBBY AND GIFT OPTION - The art and craft materials provided in the kit will enable one to make very cool denim utilities. This is a great girls items for gift and is very popular with teenage girls and even young college-goers or working ladies. The completed bag or the kit itself can serve as a present or gift.

Brand ToyKraft
Colour Multicolor
Item Dimensions LxWxH 23 x 5 x 23 Centimeters
Item Weight 0.35 Kilograms


Denim Made Dainty

39518 - Dazzle With Denim

Denim in DIY craft is worth perusing............ The final results are quite astounding

Denim as a fabric has a fascinating texture and soft feel. It is a fantastic and trendy medium to create useful items and gifts. The contents provided in the kit will enable one to make as many as three denim utility items. These include a pencil pouch, a mobile case and you won't believe it – even a stylish sling bag! Decide which embellishments will be used to decorate the denim item you want to enhance: buttons, rhinestones, outliners and sequins. One can even use fabric paints to make interesting designs These are some of the most popular, easy to use and inexpensive tools and to cap it up - no sewing is required. These are great hobby ideas and very popular with teenagers.

Art and Craft material provided in this kit

39518 - Denim Made Dainty


Denim fabric: 3 pieces, Fabric glue: 1, Black Velcro: 1, White 3D Outliner tube: 1, Sling – Black cord: 1, Templates : 4, Buttons (assorted): 1 packet

Sequins (assorted) : 3 packets, Artificial décor: 1 packet, Instruction manual

Fabric paint

Practice on paper first before creating a design on denim if using dimensional fabric paint. The trick is to let the paint dry thoroughly before touching it.


Arrange buttons on the denim before sticking them on. Mix and match. In any decorative form, buttons add an interesting effect to the item to be decorated.

Fabric glue

With fabric designs becoming more complex, many designers now glue denim directly to denim to create some intricate designs. The key to doing this process at home is using the right glue. While traditional white glue is great for gluing paper to paper, it is not waterproof and will wash away when clothes are laundered. Thankfully, there is fabric glue that can be used to glue denim to denim. Practice placing the various pieces of denim so that you know the exact position of each. Turn the pieces over and apply fabric glue around the edges about 1/8 an inch from the edge to avoid the glue seeping out. Press the denim patch onto the denim, gently pushing on the edges. Leave the glue to dry for at least 24 hours before washing.

Rhinestones/Artificial gems/Sequins

These can be stuck on the fabric with glue at various points to give glamour to the final product

Making the bags

39518 - Dazzle With Denim 3

The 3 pieces of denim are cut according to the stencil cutouts for a bag, a mobile pouch and a pencil pouch

1) Pencil pouch

Place the paper cutting (template) of the pencil pouch on the fabric and cut according to the size. Mark the seams on the correct side of the fabric.

Flap: Turn the top seams downwards, apply fabric glue on the entire flap area fold down on marking and let it stick. Repeat for the other flap.

Making the pouch: On the correct side of the fabric apply fabric glue, on the side seams as shown in figure 1 (shaded area). Fold at the base and see that the sides are stuck, let it dry completely. Turn the pouch inside out. Take 2 pieces of 1 inch Velcro and stick on either side of the open ends leaving 2 inches from both ends. Keep for a while to completely dry.

Décor with embellishments provided in the kit

Use a similar technique for the Mobile pouch and bag as described in the instructions.

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