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Finger Painting Kit

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5 non-toxic paint pots (10ml each) yellow, blue, green, red, white10 empty pots for mixing and st... Read More

Product Description

5 non-toxic paint pots (10ml each) yellow, blue, green, red, white
10 empty pots for mixing and storing colours
18 sheets of pre printed art paper
4 sheets of art paper
1 spatulla
Instruction book; this kit is a thrilling and fun experience for one child or for small group; finger painting helps children develop fine motor skills and imagination; suitable for child of 2 years and above

Brand ToyKraft
Colour Green,Red,White
Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Item Volume 10 Millilitres
Special Feature Washable
Net Quantity 100.00 millilitre
Surface Recommendation Plastic
Indoor/Outdoor Usage Indoor
Included Components Palette
Age Range (Description) 2 years and above



Finger Painting Kit

39430-Finger Painting Kit

An expression of art at your fingertip...........How the picture comes out, you can’t predict

Finger paint is a special paint intended to be applied with the fingers. It is especially suited for very young children who cannot paint with a brush. Finger painting serves as a perfect launch-pad for them to experiment with colour and as a form of their expression and individuality. Getting their fingers into the paint, mixing colours, learning cause and effect from inside - the pot to outside - on the paper is a thrilling experience for them.

For adults it is an art form of great depth and challenge. Finger painting artists even believe that their spirit flows to their finger tips instilling a part of their soul in each painting!

It is typically available in pots and is used by small children, though it has occasionally been used by adults either to teach art to children, or for their own independent use.

Finger painting allows even a two-or three-year old to dabble in this form of art as it is difficult for them to do it with a paint brush. The great thing about painting for children is that each painting is truly a work of art to them... even if you can't tell what it is. Finger painting with children can also be a great way for them to experiment, learn cause and effect, and learn about colors and see the magic of new colours emerging when they are mixed.

Finger painting as an art form results in a real bond between the artwork and artist and allows for some intricate blending not achievable with brushes.

Art material provided in the kit

39430-Finger Painting Kit


Non-toxic paints in pots – 5

Sheets of pre-printed art paper -18

Sheets of plain art paper - 4

Colour mixing palette: 2

Spatula - 1

Instruction manual

In this kit five colours are provided – Deep red, Bright Yellow, Deep green and Dark blue and White. One needs to experiment first with dilution of these colours and mixing these paints in various permutations and combinations. At different dilution levels the artist can get an amazing range of different tints of the mixed colours.

Finger painted pictures

39430-Finger Painting Kit

Age appropriate templates for finger painting

The picture themes in this pack are specially selected for children. Bold outline guides help early learners to paint within the boundaries. Objects selected are familiar to the children of this age group. Besides this a few pictures showing landscape, seascape and ocean flora which have been done free-hand(refer box cover). Children who have developed an artistic ability can dabble in the paint to reproduce these or others on the blank sheets provided.

finger paints 1 finger paints 2 39684-3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - WHEELS 39686-3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - ANIMALS 39687-3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - WINGS
Washable Finger Paints Finger Painting Kit 2 3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - WHEELS 3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - ANIMALS 3 IN 1 ACTIVITY PACK - WINGS
Number of Templates 18 12 20 20 20
Number of Finger Paints 5 5 5 5 5
Themes Washable Finger Painting Finger Painting Finger Painting, Puzzles, Sand art Finger Painting, Puzzles, Mosaic Finger Painting, Puzzles, Sequin art
Age 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+ 3+


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