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It's Easy To Be You

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"It’s Easy To Be YOU" written by a most trusted and gifted mind coach Radhika Kawlra Singh, is a ... Read More

Product Description

"It’s Easy To Be YOU" written by a most trusted and gifted mind coach Radhika Kawlra Singh, is a bible for constructive change. It is a timeless piece of work that you would want to gift everyone!

Here YOU will find ingenious techniques that will purposefully navigate YOU towards positive change by handing you the tools to make a variety of healthy shifts. Use this book to get behind the chaos, let go of your limitations and uncover your hidden potential so you may hone your skill and rediscover a new ability. Read the messages that the book shares with you over and over again – so you may wipe off your unwanted, unnecessary beliefs effortlessly. Be prepared to learn and be prepared to take on challenges – even as they appear small they only grow stronger roots.

Product Details

Title: It's Easy To Be You
Author: Radhika Singh
Publisher: Bloomsbury
ISBN: 9789388002028
SKU: BK0420472
EAN: 9789388002028
Language: English
Binding: Paperback
Reading age : All Age Groups

About Author

Radhika Kawlra Singh, is a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, (NGH), New Hampshire USA. In 1998 she established her firm ‘Healing Energies’ offering transpersonal retraining to individuals and groups. Transpersonal education stands for an integration of critical and contemplative thinking. It is radically (‘at the root’) experiential, a blend of intuition and intellect, trans-rational, evoking enchantment and inspiration, and rooted in mystery and love. Retraining is the process of learning a new skill or trade, often in response to a change. In the year 2000 she received her license as a Master hypnotist and a hypnotherapist. Over the years she earned her certificate to counsel for AIDS, as A Foot reflexologist, A Sports Hypnotist, A Diabetes Motivation Coach and A Past life therapist. She completed her full certification in Somatic healing, The Esdaile State with the Simpson Protocol, Theta and The Gaidon Healing process. She also trained as a 15th step coach, she got certified as a Reiki Master, she certified as an Access Bars practitioner and completed her Masters in NLP. Her practice is licensed and thereby recognized as a valid means of finding, reducing and eliminating the very cause of Stress. Her permits to practice are from the world’s most renowned teachers and most reputed institutes and thus a professional marker of ethics and morals. She helps facilitate a suitable working of the mind in integrating thought consciousness. She has acquired an enormously acquiescent reputation of working with the top Indian athletes during the last three Olympic games 2008, 2012 and 2016. She works with the highest rung of CEO’s that belong to the country’s top business houses and help them discover their areas of Stress and later share mind tools that scurry all anxiety. In this manner they escalate their potential within the work environment and at home. She conducts workshops for teachers from recognized schools in India, to guide them with life skills so they may be equipped with mind tools to assist children better. She works with the disempowered and unfortunate, the diseased and the desolate, the motivated yet ambitious. She enables them to build a trusting relationship with themselves so she may help them increase their Self-Worth. Using Regression therapy she is able to help them access repressed material, so that it may set them free from holding on to the negative patterns that they have stored from there past. She engages with the spirit at the deepest level and integrates within her therapy a concise movement of higher consciousness. She is a hard driving therapist, and sets high standard for herself and for her clients. From time to time she writes articles for esteemed publications and newspapers related to her area of specialization. This is her first published book, and the others are coming up shortly.

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