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Magnetic Sudoku - Transport

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Logic puzzles augment STEM learning skills as children enjoy thinking. They have to use their abi... Read More

Product Description

Logic puzzles augment STEM learning skills as children enjoy thinking. They have to use their ability to think out of the box while solving logic puzzles because even with all the clues at hand, the answer may not be immediately obvious. Very often, testing of ideas and hypotheses have to be made, and this trial-and-error is an important part of logical reasoning. This logic puzzle is ideal for promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills About Magnetic Sudoku transport This is a delightful logic game for kids of ages 4 to 7 years. Sudoku Dino Mini is a mind-sharpening tool and encourages children to think in logical sequence. Each of the selected problem sequences offers a unique solution and promotes new facets of logical thought-process. In the puzzle book examples, some of the grids are occupied by four Dino species. Your kid needs to reproduce this representation on the magnetic board with the magnetic Dino tokens. Having done that correctly, the rest of the grids need to be populated with the balance Dinos as per the Sudoku rule -no Dino species is repeated in any of the four (4 X 4) boxes or four horizontal rows or vertical columns While solving each case, you unleash the power of intellect through new mental challenges. It further encourages confidence-building helping in favourable development of decision-making. It enhances intellectual and mathematical ability to: 1. Concentrate 2. Find solution to a problem 3. Formulation of hypothesis 4. Try out logical conclusion 5. Development of spirit of critical analysis 6. Verification of solution 7. Proof of solution

Looking for a fun and educational game for kids? Check out Sudoku transports! Designed for children aged 4 to 7, this brain-boosting logic game is the perfect way to introduce your child to problem-solving and STEM skills.

With progressive levels that increase in difficulty, Sudoku transports helps boost your child's confidence by challenging them to think logically and strategically. As they play, they'll develop trial and error skills, spatial reasoning, and critical thinking abilities.

Whether you're at home or on the go, Sudoku transports is an engaging and interactive way to keep your child entertained.

The magnetic Dino tokens make it a perfect travel game, and puzzles can even be solved in group play, encouraging social interaction and teamwork.

Get your child started on the path to logical thinking and problem-solving with Sudoku transports!

Magnetic Token: 16 number, Game Board: 1 number, Puzzle Book: 1 number

Age : 5+

Dimention : 21 X 2 X 20.5

Weight : 270 g









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